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Perth Mint 2022 Swans Now Available at APMEX

Perth Mint 2022 Swans Now Available at APMEX

1 oz gold and silver coins in limited mintages


The Perth Mint has introduced its sixth release in the wildly popular Swan series, celebrating the iconic creature known worldwide that has remained as The Perth Mint’s logo for centuries. The new design features two swans in stunning silver and gold. With limited mintages available worldwide, shop the newest release of the popular Swan series today to continue your collection.

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2022 MintDirect Premier and Certified Swans

Each issue of The Perth Mint Swan series will be available in MintDirect® Premier and certified options, providing authentication of the coin’s condition and added protection for the coin while on display or in storage. These Australian classics are available in APMEX MintDirect Premier packaging along with certified options from grading services such as PCGS and NGC. As the top two coin grading services in the industry, the 2022 certified Gold and Silver Swans are a perfect addition to any collection. Shop the 2022 certified and MintDirect Premier Swans today.

Swans in Silver and Gold

The newest release in the ever-popular Perth Mint Silver and Gold Swans series features a design of two swans floating along together in the water, almost creating a heart shape between them. The sixth release in the series continues to feature limited mintages of 25,000 1 oz .999 Silver Swans and only 5,000 1 oz .9999 Gold Swans. The 2022 1 oz Silver and Gold Swans are the perfect new addition to any Swan collector.

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