We provide continuing professional service to a clientele composed of collectors, investors and dealers from all 50 states and several foreign countries. We do not try to be all things to the numismatic community. Rather, we specialize in handling the rarest, most desirable coins our industry has to offer.

Whether you have already discovered the rewards of owning rare coins or are just getting started, Pinnacle-Rarities is well prepared to service your collection or portfolio at any level.

One of the first concepts investors and collectors need to understand is that coins, by definition, are not necessarily rare. However, there are rare coins.

At Pinnacle-Rarities, we deal only in those coins scarce enough to have an inherent reason to rise in value. Simply stated, rare coins are those which are not available in large quantities and require little increase in demand to drive prices up.

While there are certainly other important variables to consider along with rarity, historical data and our own experience have shown that rarity offers the best potential for preservation of capital and return on invested funds.

Kathleen Duncan

Owner – CEO – Trading

Kathleen co-founded Pinnacle-Rarities in 1992. Her focus is finding intrinsically rare coins at fair prices and assisting collectors with building the numismatic portfolios of their dreams. Through a long-term process of honesty and integrity, she has earned one of the industry’s most stellar reputations as well as the loyalty of her clientele.

When not managing the company, she and Dan are busy raising their three children. Kathleen also enjoys taking advantage of the beautiful Pacific Northwest by snow skiing in the winter and kayaking in the summer.

Dan Duncan

Owner – President – Trading

Dan has been involved with numismatics since 1987. From humble beginnings in the back of a coin shop, to the president of one of the nation’s leading wholesale rare coin firms, Dan has always prided himself on promoting the hobby. A collector himself, his years at U.S. Coins educated him in all levels of the numismatic community. Dan can be seen buying six figure coins one night, and passing out pennies to Scouts the next. A life member of the ANA, his dedication to the hobby is centered on education for both young and old alike.

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