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Pinnacle Sells Number One PCGS Registry Set of Proof Barber Halves

Pinnacle is delighted to announce the purchase of the number one PCGS Registry set of Proof Barber Half Dollars, assembled by longtime client and astute collector Peter Kevorkian. You can view images of the set in our gallery.

Proof Barber halves are one of our favorite series, and we’ve had the good fortune of having worked on four of the finest collections of these beautiful coins (Bruce Scher, Paul Taylor, and SDC along with this one). What truly sets Peter’s collection apart from the others is that each and every example is not only at or near the highest technical grade possible, but also possesses beautiful Cameo or Deep Cameo contrast. According to Peter, “Cameo contrast and eye appeal were the primary determining factors that went into the selection of each coin. Many times a higher grade coin was rejected because it did not meet my standards.” He spent a tireless 17 years seeking out the créme de la créme of the series. Individually, each and every coin is a numismatic marvel, and grouped together the twenty-four coins are nothing short of a monumental accomplishment.

We are honored that Peter came to us upon making the difficult decision to sell, and delighted to have delivered his asking price. Many of the examples in this collection were purchased from Pinnacle, and we feel fortunate to frequently reacquire coins and collections we have placed in the past. The set sold intact via private treaty, certain to bring years of enjoyment to its new owner. The ease in which the collection traded along with its strong asking price proves yet again that fantastic coins bring equally fantastic prices.

Here is how the set breaks down with Peter’s notes;

  • 1892 50C PR67CAM – Formerly NGC PR68CAM
  • 1893 50C PR67+ DCAM – Thick frost, problem free
  • 1894 50C PR66+ CAM – Rejected 2 of the 3 PR67CAM”s over this coin.
  • 1895 50C PR68DCAM – Flawless
  • 1896 50C PR67+ DCAM – Heavy frost, perfect mirrors
  • 1897 50C PR68DCAM – Top eye appeal for the set
  • 1898 50C PR67DCAM – Liquid mirrors
  • 1899 50C PR67+ CAM – Borderline DCAM
  • 1900 50C PR67DCAM – Among the most deeply mirrored
  • 1901 50C PR67CAM – Formerly NGC PR68CAM, should be Deep Cam
  • 1902 50C PR66CAM – Rejected both of the PR67CAM’s over this coin
  • 1903 50C PR67CAM – Flawless
  • 1904 50C PR66CAM – Amazing contrast for an 04
  • 1905 50C PR67CAM – Great look for an 05
  • 1906 50C PR66+ CAM – Problem free
  • 1907 50C PR67CAM – Smooth surfaces
  • 1908 50C PR67CAM – Formerly NGC PR68CAM, my personal favorite of the set, flawless
  • 1909 50C PR67CAM – Should be Deep Cam
  • 1910 50C PR67+ CAM – Another former NGC PR68CAM, flawless
  • 1911 50C PR67CAM – Borderline PR68DCAM
  • 1912 50C PR66+ CAM – Incredible eye appeal
  • 1913 50C PR67CAM – Looks like a modern proof
  • 1914 50C PR66CAM – Rejected the lone PR67CAM over this coin
  • 1915 50C PR66CAM – Same as 1914, rejected the lone PR67CAM over this coin
Pinnacle Rarities
Pinnacle Rarities
Kathleen Duncan co-founded Pinnacle in 1992. Her focus is finding intrinsically rare coins at fair prices. Through a process of long-term fairness and integrity she has earned one of the industry’s most stellar reputations as well as the loyalty of her clientele. Pinnacle Rarities Inc., (Olympia, Washington) provides continuing professional service to a clientele composed of collectors, investors and dealers from all fifty states and several foreign countries. They do not try to be all things to the numismatic community. Rather, they specialize in handling the rarest, most desirable coins the industry has to offer.

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