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Pirates of the Caribbean & Authentic Shipwreck Coins from Modern Coin Mart

Niue Pirates of the Caribbean Silver Two Dollar Coin

Yo ho, yo ho, a stacker’s life for me!

Avast ye stackers and collectors, new Pirates of the Caribbean coins have arrived at Modern Coin Mart (MCM), and they’re ready to set sail into your collection. Just in time for the release of the new Disney film, Dead Men Tell No Tales, captain Jack Sparrow is the centerpiece for this swashbuckling design.

These coins are available in their timber treasure chest original government packaging from Niue or certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) with Early Releases designations.

The latest release in the Privateer series, the White Whale, has made a big splash with collectors. Each round is struck from two full Troy ounces of .999 fine silver with a skull and helm on the obverse, and a white whale overtaking a mighty ship on the reverse. MCM has exhausted its supply of these popular rounds several times – order yours while they are still available!

Treasures from the Deep

In addition to these modern coins, MCM is also offering a variety of coins that were recovered from real-life shipwrecks. Some of these coins even bear the mark of the East India Company, just like the brand on Jack Sparrow’s arm!

Admiral Gardner Shipwreck

In 1809, the Admiral Gardner of the East India Company was lost to the sea in a vicious storm.

Soa Jose Shipwreck

After a fierce battle on the high seas with the Anglo-Dutch navy, this Portuguese ship was sunk, taking her treasure with her to the bottom of the sea.

* * *

Weigh anchor and cast sails so you can claim the latest additions to your collection. There’re going to be mighty battles for these releases.. better get some wind in your sails if treasure is what you seek.


To learn more or order by phone, call 800-473-3108 and mention code MME0834.

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