Pobjoy Mint Features Emperor Penguin on Third Coin in New Series

Penguin Coin - Pobjoy Mint

Penguins were originally considered to be very primitive birds and a party of men from Captain Scott’s famous expedition went on what they called ‘the worst journey in the world’ to prove this point. However, this theory was wrong and penguins are known to be highly evolved to enable them to live in the coldest places on our planet. Although they have feathers and wings, penguins cannot fly. Instead, they have evolved into the most proficient divers and swimmers of all birds – they are literally able to fly through the sea.

Pobjoy Mint is therefore excited to announce the release of the third coin in the series of five coins featuring the Penguins of Antarctica which continues to be exceptionally popular with collectors and penguin lovers alike. The third coin in the series of five coins features the emperor penguin (the first coin featured the adélie; the second featured the chinstrap).

The emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) is the largest penguin of all and, like all Antarctic penguins, has a thick layer of very tightly packed feathers with tufts of down at the base of each feather that acts as a thermal vest to trap the air to keep the bird warm. When the Antarctic winter begins in March, unlike all the other sensible breeds who make their way north to the warmer parts of Antarctica, large colonies of emperor penguins march for about 200 miles across the pack ice in the opposite direction to breed at the coldest place on earth. Once there, as many as 6,000 penguins will form a huddle together, taking turns moving from the outside of the huddle into the center where it is warmer. It is very rare to find an emperor penguin living outside Antarctica.

The design on the coin itself features a male and female emperor penguin. The Pobjoy Mint exclusive effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is shown on the obverse of the coin. The coin is available in Cupro Nickel Diamond Finish with the penguins portrayed in color. A special color album, which is sold separately, has been designed to house all five coins.

Coin Specifications

Metal: Cupro-Nickel
Diameter: 27.30 mm
Weight: 8.00 g
Issue Limit: 4,000


We have produced a collector’s album (sold separately) for this set of colored penguins that gives important facts and information about the individual penguins.

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