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Pobjoy Mint Introduces 2019 American Flamingo Virenium Coin

  • Fashionable Flamingo appears on the first issue of stunning new shaped $1 series
  • Available in Virenium® in exquisite color
  • Beautiful Album available to house all six coins in the series

It is difficult not to notice that flamingos seem to be everywhere at the moment, on every item you can possibly imagine. The Pobjoy Mint is therefore excited to announce the release of the first in a series of coins which feature this spectacular bird on behalf of the British Virgin Islands.

The word ‘flamingo’ comes from the Portuguese/Spanish ‘flamengo’ meaning ‘flame-colored’ which is particularly apt for this bird with its pink or reddish color coming from carotenoids in their diet of animal or plant plankton. Flamingos are very social birds who live in colonies which can number in the thousands. Flamingos can often be seen standing on one leg while the other is tucked beneath their body. There are six existing flamingo species that are recognized by most sources, and it is these six species that will feature on this series of coins.

The first coin of the set concentrates on the American Flamingo, which is a large species also known as the Caribbean Flamingo. Most of this birds’ plumage is pink, giving rise to its earlier name of ‘rosy flamingo’. The wing coverts are red and the primary and secondary flight feathers are black. The bill of this particular species is pink and white with an extensively black tip, while its legs are entirely pink.

The coin shows an adult flamingo standing on one leg with a flock of flamingos in the background. The coin has been produced in Virenium®, a metal developed by Pobjoy Mint that is light gold in color. The coin is available will the main flamingo in full color, which really shows the magnificent plumage to perfection. The obverse of the coin features the exclusive Pobjoy Mint effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Pobjoy Flamingo Coin Spec Sheet


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