Pobjoy Mint – New Coin Commemorates 400th Anniversary of Sir Walter Raleigh

New Coin from the Pobjoy Mint Commemorates the 400th Anniversary of Sir Walter Raleigh


Sir Walter Raleigh was an English gentleman who was a writer, poet, courtier and explorer. One of the most notable figures of the Elizabethan era, between 1579 and 1583 Raleigh fought in the service of Queen Elizabeth I. Tall, handsome and self-confident, Sir Walter Raleigh rose rapidly at court, upon his return, and quickly became a favorite. He was rewarded with a large estate in Ireland, trade privileges and a knighthood. In 1586 he was appointed captain of the Queen’s Guard, his highest office at court.

Raleigh was instrumental in the English colonization of North America after being granted a royal patent to explore the New World. After hearing of the legend of El Dorado, the famous City of Gold, Raleigh went on two voyages in search of the City which led him to the northern coast of South America and the Caribbean Sea.

When he returned to England, he brought with him potatoes and tobacco, two things unknown in Europe at the time.

To commemorate the 400th Anniversary of Sir Walter Raleigh, this stunning new release features Ark Raleigh, the ship that was constructed for Raleigh along with a portrait of the explorer himself.

The obverse of the coin features a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II produced exclusively for Pobjoy Mint.

The Sterling Silver coin is protected by an acrylic capsule and then packaged in a beautiful black box and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. The Unc. Cupro Nickel Coin is shipped raw in tubes. Blue pouches can be purchased separately.

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