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Pobjoy Mint Offers Mythical Creatures – Siren Coin With Iridescent Effect

Pobjoy Mint Offers Mythical Creatures - Siren Coin With Iridescent Effect

  • First coin in a series of five
  • Featuring a beautiful HIGH RELIEF image of the Siren in Antique finish with iridescent effect
  • Available in Proof 2oz Fine Silver
  • Only 250 coins worldwide

The famous mythological stories, tales, and legends are designed to entertain, thrill, and inspire the listeners. These ancient myths contain morals teaching the virtues of love, courage, strength, and self-reliance. They also teach the consequences of vices associated with jealousy, greed, deceit, and treachery.

The famous stories with their monsters and scary creatures are known the world over and this stunning issue of five 2oz fine silver coins has been produced in High Relief with each coin given an Antique Finish by hand – along with an iridescent effect that brings these amazing characters to life, as this special finish gives the appearance of the character changing color as the angle of illumination changes.

The first coin being issued features The Siren. A further four coins will be released to add to this series featuring The Hydra, The Minotaur, The Centaur, and Medusa.

The Sirens were beautiful but dangerous creatures, usually depicted as mermaids, that lured the sailors with their beautiful voices and music to their doom, causing the ships to crash on the rocks near their island. The image of the coin depicts a Siren sitting on the rocks playing her harp. The skulls that can be seen around her on the rocks represent the sailors that had been lured previously and their ships wrecked. The latest ship to be attracted to the wonderful music can be seen in the background.


The capsulated 2oz fine silver high relief coins are packaged inside a custom-made acrylic box with an outer printed sleeve that includes the Certificate of Authenticity. A further small certificate is included to show the limited mintage of those with the iridescent effect.

Coin Specifications

Metal: .999 Silver
Diameter: 50.00 mm
Weight: 62.21 g
Issue Limit: 250

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