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Pobjoy Mint Strikes 2018 Crab Coin for Falkland Islands

The Coin

Crabs are short-tailed members of the crustacean order Decapoda. Decapods occur in all oceans, in fresh water, and on land and about 10,000 species have been described. Unlike those of other decapods (e.g., shrimp, lobster, crayfish), crabs’ tails are curled under the thorax or midsection. The carapace (upper body shield) is usually broad. The first pair of legs is modified into chelae or pincers.

2018 Falkland Islands Crab Crown Cupro Nickel Version
2018 Falkland Islands Crab Crown Cupro Nickel Version

In the Falkland Islands you can find many species ranging from the commonly known “hairy crab” (Peltarion Spinosulum), which is a typical representative of the subantarctic waters and can be found up to 120 metres deep, to the more dangerous Halicarcinus Planatus, a small crab that inhabits the most extreme southern areas of the planet. This species is characterized by having the capacity to reduce the amount of magnesium found in its body, allowing it to live and develop in areas of extremely low temperatures.

2018 Falkland Islands Crab Crown Colored Titanium Version
2018 Falkland Islands Crab Crown Colored Titanium Version

However, there is little evidence of some of the most uncommon species but with the many factors occurring in recent years such as the climate change which helps the increase of the temperature in the Antarctic waters and the increase of boating transit, it is possible that in the near future this could help the entry and settlement of many crabs to shallow waters in the Antarctic. This would not only help to improve the understanding of new and old species but it would undoubtedly help increase the current population in the area.
The design on the coin features a marine crab on the seabed with its legs in full display. As Titanium reacts differently with every strike, each Crab coin is technically different and varies slightly in color. There is also a lined effect that is present on the coins which are unique to this metal. The obverse features the Pobjoy exclusive effigy design of HM Queen Elizabeth II in exceptional detail.

Order & Delivery Notes




The Titanium coin is shipped encapsulated in an acrylic capsule for protection and housed in a stunning red box with a Certificate of Authenticity. he Cupro Nickel coin is shipped in a unique Pobjoy Mint blue presentation pouch.

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