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Popularity of Collecting Euro Coins

Nana Kaminski, Numiscom, Germany
Interviewer: David Lisot

The Euro was introduced in Europe in 1999 and created a new series of both coins and paper money.

Collectors have embraced collecting the new money. We talk to one dealer who shares about this new collector market.

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Numismata – Berlin
Exhibition Center
Berlin Germany

David Lisot, host and producer of CoinWeek video news service, during a recent trip to Europe attended the 14th International Coin Fair in Berlin – NUMISMATA

This is one of the biggest international numismatic fairs in the world with coins and medals from antiquity to modern times, with banknotes, securities and specialist literature. The tradition-rich trade fair established by Erich Modes has enjoyed constant growth and is well-known throughout Europe and the world. Since 1999, the coin fair in Berlin has been a “Must Attend” event for established dealers and collectors.

David interviewed many of the participants at the show finding out what collectors have in common with their counterparts in the United States. He addressed the economic situation in Europe and whether the hobby has been affected by the downturn in the workplace and the debt crisis affecting so many countries.

CoinWeek continues to produce more reports from Europe and around the world to keep viewers informed about trends affecting coins, paper money and the numismatic hobby.



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  1. Hello David,

    Some great interviews with European dealers/collectors about the hobby/business across the Atlantic Ocean. I viewed about six/seven of your interviews.


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