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Provident Metals 10 oz Silver Incuse Bar

From Zombucks and the World of Dragons series to our beloved Prospector series, Provident Metals has led the way in bringing exciting and unique designs to the bullion industry. Now, we are excited to enter our second decade with the debut of a new Provident Metals Incuse 10 oz Silver Bar.

A modern refresh of our classic Provident Silver Bar, our new 10 oz silver bar features our updated company logo in a one-of-a-kind incuse strike. The design is set against a background of repeating, micro-engraved Provident compasses. Each iconic Provident compass is connected in a repeating honeycomb pattern, depicting our collective future in precious metals investing. The bar’s design is in a horizontal position as a reminder that your horizon and financial future is always in sight.

What is incuse? This minting method consists of striking images and lettering into the field in a way that is sunken below the rest of the design, as opposed to the raised features that are common among most other products. An incuse strike gives the bar a reverse proof-like finish – making this bar a truly unique piece to own among all others in the marketplace. The Provident Metals Incuse 10 oz Silver Bar is a must-have bar in your stack.


  • Arrives with a vacuum-sealed plastic sleeve or sheet of 20 bars
  • Beautiful incuse strike
  • Contains 10 Troy oz of .999 pure silver
  • Obverse features the Provident Metals name and logo
  • Reverse depicts the Provident Metals name in a repeating pattern

When you purchase the 10 oz Silver Incuse Bar made for Provident Metals, you will receive your item individually inside of vacuum-sealed plastic or inside of a sheet of 20 bars. Each of the silver bars in this listing was produced specially for Provident Metals by SilverTowne, one of America’s leading private mint facilities. The bars have smooth edges and are available in brand-new condition.



For the obverse design element, the 10 oz Silver Incuse Bars include inscriptions that are engraved horizontally across the face of the bar. You will notice Provident Metals, 10 Troy Ounces, and .999 Fine Silver inscribed in the center of the bar. The background field features a repeating pattern of the Provident Metals logo across the entire design field, with four large logos in the corners of the bar.


In the reverse design, these 10 oz Silver Incuse Bars feature the Provident name in a repeating pattern across the bar set at a 45-degree angle. The full name of the company is not featured, but rather, just the word Provident. The word is written just as it appears in our company name with the logo taking the place of the “o” in Provident.


These 10 oz Silver Incuse Bars for Provident Metals feature a special engraving style for the text inscriptions. All of the inscriptions on the obverse and reverse sides are struck incuse. A seldom-used technique in bullion coins and bars, incuse strikes stamp designs or inscriptions into the surface of the bar. Were you to run your hands across the bar, you would not feel the raised edges and elements of the text inscriptions. This is different than most engraved products where 3D relief is created by engraving designs or text onto the surface of the bar or coin.


Mint Mark:  PM (Provident Metals)
Alloy:  .999 Silver
Producer:  SilverTowne
Weight:  10 Troy Ounces
Edge: Smooth


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