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Q. David Bowers: Coin Ladies Quiz, Part 1

Q. David Bowers - Quiz

By Q. David BowersCo-founder, Stack’s Bowers ……

This quiz is excerpted from Rare Coin Review #117, published in 1997.

1. This lady, the wife of Anthony de Francisci, the sculptor who created the motif of the Peace silver dollar, is said to have posed for the image of Miss Liberty on the obverse.

A. Teresa Cafarelli

B. Augusta Saint-Gaudens

C. Flora Temple

D. Chris Karstedt

2. This attractive young woman is one of possibly two coin ladies who posed as Miss Liberty for the 1916 Standing Liberty quarter. To this day it is a matter of numismatic discussion as to whether her exposed upper torso was naughty or whether it was simply artistic. No matter, in 1917 Miss Liberty’s chest was fitted with a cloak of armor, thus quite removing a certain aspect of her anatomy from view. The lady in question was:

A. Nan Britton

B. Alice Roosevelt Longworth

C. Dora Doscher

D. Mae West

3. This American artist and sculptor created several varieties of commemorative coins for the United States Mint beginning with the 1982 Washington 250th Birth Anniversary half dollar. Her work was highly admired and garnered numerous awards, including Krause Publications’ Coin of the Year honor.

A. Nancy Wilson

B. Elizabeth Jones

C. Molly Ockett

D. Martha Shoemaker

4. We’re not sure if this young lady ever appeared on a coin, specifically on the Indian Head cent. Long-standing folklore states that she did. On the other hand, some serious-minded scholars state that the lady on the Indian cent is simply a variation of a portrait used earlier elsewhere, such as on the 1849 gold $1 and $20. She is:

A. Betsy Ross

B. Barbara Frietchie

C. Beth Flagg

D. Sarah Longacre

5. Said to have financially aided Christopher Columbus, this foreign monarch appears on a legal tender U.S. coin, an unprecedented occurrence.

A. Mary, Queen of Scots

B. Queen Isabella

C. Princess Amalie

D. Catherine the Great

So how’d you do? At the very least, I hope you had fun and maybe learned something you didn’t know. Stay tuned for more quizzes!

* * *

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