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QA✓ Releases Preliminary Statistics on Modern Coin Certification

Editor’s Note: We received this dealer-to-dealer communication from QA✓ and requested permission to publish this information as we felt it would be informative to collectors of modern coins. 

by QA✓


Since kicking off QA✓ at FUN we have had the privilege of grading a large number coins including some stunningly beautiful moderns, three of which merited our superlative (gold) sticker.  Every day we are receiving more coins from dealers and collectors. Each one of the coins we have graded has been from third parties – we do not grade our own coins.  Increasingly, QA✓ certified coins are appearing in the market – more on that below.

By the Numbers

Although we are still in “early days” some submission statistics are worth noting:

  • Average Pass Thru Rate – 48.0%   A significant number of coins being submitted are dated 2015, which has driven the pass thru rate up.
  • Average Value of Each Coin Submitted – $401.  Individual coin values have ranged from $50 to $35,000.

Bulk Submissions

Several major dealers have been submitting multiple bulk submissions.  If you have submissions of 500 or more coins, call James Sego (Direct: 630-701-8801) for details about our bulk discount program.

Well Over 100 Dealers and Growing

Just a few of our newest dealers include:

  • Joel Rettew Rare Coins
  • Leo Frese Coins & Collectibles
  • Infinity Coins
  • Las Vegas Coin Company

QA✓ Coins Now Listed On Dealer Sites and eBay

Dealers have started listing and selling QA✓certified coins on their websites and eBay.  Premiums for coins that have sold range from about 15% to 30%.  These are reasonable premiums which reflect the quality ofQA✓sticker coins versus those which are not stickered.  While dealers can add any premium they desire to coins with QA✓stickers, maintaining fair and sustainable premiums is much more likely to result in sales.

Selling Tips

When listing QA✓ coins on your website, eBay, Amazon or other sites, be sure to highlight that the coins has been approved by QA✓.    On eBay this can be done by adding QA Check Approved to the title as follows:


In Item Specifics you can also add QA Check to PCGS or NGC certification as follows:

Use the pull down menu to use Enter Your Own

Add PCGS & QA Check or NGC & QA Check as shown below:


You can now easily add QA Check to your listings.  If you would like further assistance, please feel free to call us.  (208)392-1050

Central States April 22-25, 2015

We will be accepting submissions for on-site grading and take home submissions at Table 805.  Bring your coins and bring your coupons.  We are on a roll and want you to be a part of the success story.

Do You Have a QA✓ Story to Share?

If you have an interesting story to tell about QA✓ please feel free to share it with us.  The sender of the best story will receive a coupon for 10 free Silver-Level grades.  Email your story to [email protected]  (Stories must be received by April 30,2015.)

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