Collectibles Quality Assurance Co.

QA✓ Provides Independent Quality Verification of Modern Coins Graded by PCGS and NGC.

james SegoCollectibles Quality Assurance Company, LLC,based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, will be grade verifying all Modern US Coins.

The list of accepted coins include: all Lincoln Cents 1909 to date; all Jefferson Nickels; all Roosevelt Dimes; Washington Quarters (all Proofs + Mint State Coins from 1965 to date); all Kennedy Half Dollars; all Eisenhower Dollars; all Susan B Anthony Dollars; all Sacagewea Dollars; all Presidential Dollars; all Modern Commemoratives from 1982 to date; all American Eagles (Silver, Gold and Platinum).

Mint State and Proof coins for all series listed above will be accepted. Details on how to submit coins can be found on our website.

The market for modern coins is estimated to exceed Four Billion Dollars per year. The growth of collector and public interest in contemporary US Mint products demonstrates the importance of this market to the numismatic industry. Currently more than 15,000,000 modern US coins have been graded by the major grading services. The number of coins in this universe has been growing at a rate of more than 1,000,000 newly graded coins per year.


The company will have a minimum of two highly experienced modern coin graders review each coin for it’s assigned grade. Only coins that meet the company’s strict grading criteria that are “solid quality” for the grade will be given the coveted QA✓ sticker. Superlative quality coins will be assigned a special sticker. The company expects less than one-half of one percent of submissions will receive the special sticker.