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Rapp Auctions: The Highest Prices for the Smallest Gems

Rapp Auctions sells Stamps and Coins for 8.7 Million Swiss francs (CHF)

By Rapp Auctions …..

Top prices for top rarities and for lucrative investment options: The stamps and coins sale at Rapp Auctions in Wil (Switzerland) closed late on Friday night, 20 May 2016, with a total realization of 8.7 million Swiss francs (CHF)*. This result far exceeds the pre-sale estimate.

“The 2016 Rapp Auction has impressively confirmed the strongly favorable influence of the current boom for tangible assets,” says Rapp CEO and managing director Marianne Rapp-Ohmann as she comments on the total sales price of 8.7 Million Swiss*. “It is apparent that collectors, dealers, and old as well as many new investors have discovered the lucrative investment potentials of stamps and coins.”

Stamps for 7 Million

“The auction prices that were realized for selected single items and substantial collections truly reflected the importance of this niche investors market for stamps and coins”, said Rapp-Ohmann. “Currently, there is a strong demand for high-quality rarities – a demand that far exceeds the range and scope of the actual offering. This is why top-prices were payed for outstanding rarities on Thursday and Friday, the 19th and 20th of May, 2016.”

The sales prices for stamps alone amounted to some seven Million Swiss francs*. Rapp-Ohman especially referred to an outstanding highlight, one of the most expensive covers in existence that bears a copy of the Swiss cult stamp, the Basle Dove. In the Rapp Auction, it went to a new owner for the price of 87,840 Swiss francs*.

A family from Eastern Switzerland felt blessed that their collection, housed in magnificent 100-year-old Schaubek albums, of rare stamps from British Colonies and overseas dependencies was sold for 211,108 Swiss francs.

A community of heirs had consigned for auction sale a multifaceted dealer’s stock: More than 700 albums, cases and boxes realized a fabulous sales price of 406,504 Swiss francs*. Many other collections – of Austria, Norway and China or airmail and Zeppelin-Post Collections far exceeded all expectations and sold for spectacular top prices. The “Entlebuch Collection” with numerous Swiss and European specialities that had been collected over a period of more than 70 years, now realized no less than 752,764 Swiss francs*.

Coins for 1.75 Million

On Wednesday, 18 May 2016, before the stamp offers were put up for sale, rare coins had been auctioned for a total of 1.75 million Swiss francs*:


A gold coin with the portrait of emperor Ferdinand II followed suit with an amazing 109,800 Swiss francs* – an unprecedented price for such a coin, according to coin experts.

A Swiss “Gold Vreneli” realized 17,080 Swiss francs*, and a collection of thaler coins of the Roman-German Empire surprised with a sales price of 53,192 Swiss francs*.

Easily Portable Objects Excite Great Demand

Several thousand customers from all over the world who were personally present on the auction floor, or who participated in the auction via telephone or the internet, were often involved in emotional bidding battles. The market for selected stamps and coins increasingly is being discovered by new investors who appreciate the advantages represented by easily transportable collecting and investment assets.

Rapp-Ohmann explains:

“Rapp customers come from all parts of the world, particularly from Asian, Russian, and Scandinavian countries and areas. Quite a number of collectors, investors and dealers have spent high six-digit and even seven-digit amounts in the 2016 Rapp Auction. The atmosphere on the philatelic and numismatic auction market is magnificent throughout.”

*Hammer prices including premium, without VAT.

At the time of publication, 1 Swiss Franc (CHF) trades for approx. $1.01 USD.

About Peter Rapp AG

Leading auction house Rapp Auctions in Wil is the site of one of the world’s largest auctions, posting among the highest sales; as a rule, it is held every 18 months. Stamps and coins with a value of several million Swiss francs are sold at each session. During the last 45 years, auctioneer and company founder Peter Rapp has auctioned off stamps and coins with a total value in excess of more than a half a billion Swiss francs. Rapp is one of the world’s leading experts in the field.

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