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Gems of philately and numismatics from 45 years of Rapp Auctions

By Rapp Auctions….

New times consistently require new directions. Therefore Rapp Auctions has designed the new website “Best of Rapp”. It presents the best of the best from 45 years worth of Rapp Auctions to a worldwide community in both German and English.

Worldclass Collections at Rapp

Over the past 45 years, Rapp Auctions has been able to auction a dozen very important stamp collections, including many Grand-Prix collections and collections that have been awarded with Gold or Large Gold. One only needs to think of the sale of the sensational world class collection “Alma Lee”, which the Royal Philatelic Society of London has entrusted to us for the best possible result. Or the valuable collection of classic Swiss stamps “Ticino”, which went down in philatelic history with superb singles and covers that had been regarded as lost for decades. There’s also the recently auctioned “Rheingold” coin collection, with hundreds of gold coins of the German empire; it, too, has received a great deal of attention.

“Best of Rapp” – The Cream of the Crop

Marianne Rapp Ohmann and Peter Rapp of Rapp Auctions
Peter Rapp and Marianne Rapp Ohmann of Rapp Auctions

Such great philatelic and numismatic treasures have to be kept alive for the benefit of future collectors. We don’t want to present these outstanding collections only to a small, elitist community. They should be available to all collectors and interested parties around the globe, for free. Therefore, we decided to make good use of the internet as our communication and presentation medium.

We have designed a new website with the title “Best of Rapp”, where we currently present a small range of top objects. Each of the beautiful collections includes accompanying text concerning the collection’s concept and features a portrait of the respective collector.

Furthermore we show the biggest highlights from each collection, with descriptions and achieved selling prices. We have deliberately kept the choice of collections small and uncluttered to show you only the “best of the best” as the title indicates.

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