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Rare Coin Sale: YouTube Videos Highlight upcoming Künker Summer Auctions

kunkerTwo YouTube Videos Highlight upcoming Künker Rare Coin Sales….

German auction house Künker has recently produced two videos highlighting key coins from their upcoming 249th and 250th auctions, to be held June 30th through July 2nd.

Auction 249 features coins and medals from Medieval to Modern Times. Highlighting the offering is the Dieter Braun Collection, with many great pieces from Münster and Westphalia. Braun is a longtime patron of Künker, buying his first pieces from the company in 1953.


July 2, 2014 is the date when the 250th Künker auction sale will be held.

Headling the event will be the exceptional Masuren Collection of gold coins and thalers from the Kingdom of Prussia. The collection covers the period from the coronation of Frederick I as King of Prussia on January 18, 1701 to the proclamation of Emperor William I on January 18, 1871.

Künker says that the collection features not only absolute rarities, but conditional rarities of absolute rarities. “It is really hard to decide which pieces to single out from this vast range of offers,” the company says in a press release, “So, let us be guided purely by the financial aspect, the estimate: the most expensive coin of the collection is one of 16 specimens manufactured for collectors from the dies of a speciesthaler of Frederick II from 1755 never to be issued (2753, nearly FDC, estimate: 30,000 euros). 15,000 euros each is the estimate of a reichsthaler of Frederick William I, 1719 IGN, Berlin (2567, EF), a reichsthaler of Frederick William I, 1714 from Neuenburg (2599, nearly EF) and war currency for Saxony, a double mittelaugust d’or, minted by Frederick II bearing the portrait of August III since 1758/9 with the year 1755 (2762; nearly EF).”



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