John Horton’s love for the arts and the sea goes back to his childhood. At sixteen years of age, at the height of World War II, Horton attended the Poole & Bournemouth Schools of Art and served as a Volunteer Reservist aboard the HMS Wessex. Five years later, at the dawn of the nuclear age, he would join the Royal Navy and serve in the Pacific while the British and Americans tested the hydrogen bomb.


Upon leaving the service, Horton plied his trade as a designer and artist, working for London’s Frederick Sage & Company. He immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1966 and set up an architectural firm. The Canadian Coast allowed Horton to pursue his passion for marine art and over the course of fifty years, his portfolio blossomed to include hundreds of intricately designed and historically accurate representations of ships of all sizes from the different historical periods of Canadian history.



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