ANA Summer Seminar 2019

Hobbyists interested in attending the American Numismatic Association’s (ANA) 51st annual Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs, Colorado. can now register for the event online. The two one-week sessions will be held June 15-27. ANA members who register by Friday, March 29 will save $50 per session on the cost of tuition; life members who register will save an additional $25 per session.

Register online here.

Summer Seminar is a once-a-year opportunity for intense numismatic study and the 2019 program features a lineup of classes to meet virtually every collector’s needs. To view a full list of courses, tours and session schedules, visit

What’s Fresh

Developing a Passion for Liberty Seated Coinage

  • Instructors: John Frost, Craig Eberhart, and Len Augsburger
  • Session 1: June 15-20

Presented by leading experts in the field, this in-depth examination of Liberty Seated coinage will explore historical perspectives, key dates, collecting strategies, major varieties, grading, counterfeits and authentication. Each denomination in the series – half dimes, dimes, 20 cents, quarters, half dollars, dollars and Trade dollars – will be covered, and students will handle coins of all grades.

What’s Essential

Creating a Winning Numismatic Exhibit

  • Instructor: Lawrence Sekulich
  • Session 1: June 15-20

One of the most rewarding aspects of coin collecting is sharing knowledge with others through a numismatic exhibit. Students will go through the entire process of creating their own display, from brainstorming ideas, writing text and selecting appropriate materials to designing a balanced layout and pulling it all together. Also included will be tips for packing an exhibit for transportation, and exhibit rules and judging. Participants are encouraged to improve an already existing display or create a new one before attending this course.

What’s Popular

The Wonderful World of Paper Money

  • Instructor: Joseph E. Boling
  • Session 2: June 22-27

Paper money has existed for centuries, and not only for economic purposes. Just as the Romans used coinage to publicize Imperial accomplishments, paper currency has been printed to celebrate a nation’s history, people and conquests. Take a tour covering 600-plus years of paper money, how it is produced and what it represents, as well as its artistry and future (it might not be “paper” money much longer). Included are many hours of handling notes. Pick the countries or periods that interest you and enjoy!

What’s Original

Ducats to Dollars: Trade Coins from the End of the Middle Ages until the 20th Century

  • Instructor: Ian Fenn
  • Session 2: June 22-27

Students will study the evolution of world coins from the 13th century through the middle of the 20th, with a focus on the coins used in international trade, starting with the gold florin, the Venetian ducat and descendants – like the Netherlands ducat and gulden. Participants will discover how the dollar evolved from its 15th-century Tyrolean ancestor, and follow the development and demise of Trade dollars from Spanish cobs to the demonetization of the Maria Theresa thaler in 1971.


Students may select from a variety of lodging options to meet their needs, preferences, and budget. Most stay in Colorado College campus dorms (adjacent to the ANA), while others elect to stay in nearby hotels. For a complete list of ANA preferred hotels, refer to page 22 of the Summer Seminar Course Catalog.


Summer Seminar attendees are encouraged to contact M&M World Travel Service for travel arrangements. M&M works closely with the ANA to provide competitive airline rates and personalized service. Students can take advantage of the ANA’s complimentary shuttle by flying into the Colorado Springs Airport. To make M&M travel arrangements, call 800-426-8326 or email [email protected].

For additional information, contact Courtnie Schobert, the ANA’s seminar representative, at [email protected] or call (719) 482-9810.


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