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The Central Bank of Portugal (Banco de Portugal) will put a €5 cupronickel-alloy collector coin into circulation on 12 October 2016. The ‘Iberian lynx’ commemorative coin is the latest offering within the ‘Endangered species’ series.

The coin will be distributed to the public through credit institutions and Banco de Portugal’s cash offices.

The ‘Iberian lynx’ coin is legal tender only in Portugal and has the following features:

On the obverse:

  • A lynx resting on a rocky massif, which is its main habitat;
  • On the right, the Portuguese coat of arms and the face value;
  • Around the upper edge, the words ‘Portugal 2016’.

On the reverse:

  • Across the entire surface, a close shot of a lynx’s head;
  • At the top, the words ‘Lince Ibérico’ (‘Iberian Lynx’).

The characteristics of this coin were approved by Executive Order No 64-B/2016, published in the Official Gazette, Series I – No 63 of 31 March. The issue limit was set at 75,000 coins with normal finish.

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