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Release of Whitman “Compass” – A New Tool for Coin Collectors

By Jeff Bolte – Whitman Expo, CIO
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Looking for a specific coin or collectible at one of the Whitman Expo’s? With Whitman Compass, collectors will be able to view all the inventory of the dealers attending the Whitman Expo before and during the show!. This New website and service will be available at www.whitmancompass.com. Kiosks will also be set up at the shows for collectors to use.

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How Whitman Compass works:

TOP DEALERS who attend coins shows and have a sterling reupation are invited to enter their inventory into the Compass database before the expo begins.

YOU browse or search for the coins you are most interested in. Whitman Compass gives you a list of dealers who have the coin and their table locations. Then you can walk onto the Bourse floor with an efficient list of who to see first.

That means you get the coins you want and you save time for other things: attending an educational presentations, joining friends at a club meeting, or that serendipitous discover of a new dealer who shares your collecting passions.

The New service is available at www.whitmancompass.com

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