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Royal Canadian Mint sells out all 7,500 of second issue in Bald Eagle Series

The Royal Canadian Mint issues some commemorative coins with tiny mintages that are unheard of for United States issues—like just 7,500 of a $20 face coin, containing 1 troy oz. of the purest (99.99%) silver. Since the design features a pair of bald eagles, this could be nicknamed the modern “Double Eagle Twenty Dollar” coin. With these “Double Eagle Twenty Dollar” pure silver coins selling for under $140 in Proof 69 or 70 quality, they would make a very interesting addition to any collection or investment portfolio.
This is the second issue in a 4-coin series to be issued in 2013. The first coin in this bald eagle series is still available in the secondary market, although the Royal Mint of Canada quickly sold out both issues. Out of all the commemorative coins produced by Canada in recent years, this handsome series will likely have the greatest appeal to the vast American collector market, because the bald eagle is America’s national symbol.
ca_bald_pcgsThe bald eagle coin designs in this series are destined to rank among the finest depiction of these majestic birds in the history of numismatics. That is because the designer Claudio D’Angelo, has devoted his life to portraying the birds and animals that have inspired and fascinated him since childhood.  At the core of his work is the desire to capture the mood and atmosphere he has experienced while accurately interpreting the graceful forms of his animal subjects, so beautifully harmonized with their natural surroundings.
A variety of frostings were used on this proof quality coin to accentuate the natural features of the birds and add depth to the landscape. The matte-white eagle heads stand proud against the brilliantly polished sky, while the naturally contoured river shines softly in the valley below.
Because bald eagles mate for life, this coin would make a great anniversary gift to anyone’s spouse or a memorable wedding gift. It would also make a thoughtful gift for any nature lover or art aficionado.
As long as they are in stock, both the first and second coins in Canada’s bald eagle series are available from Modern Coin Wholesale certified as First Strike or Early Releases and graded Proof-69 or 70.  When the 3rd and 4th coins in this series are released later this year, Modern Coin Wholesale will also offer them for sale. Because of the tiny mintages and outstanding designs, these will be available on a first-come-first-served basis.


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