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SAFE Collecting Supplies Is Offering Services And Advice On Maintaining Coin Value This Winter

SAFE® Collecting Supplies is a Pennsylvania based collecting supply store that provides collecting enthusiasts with a wide variety of tools, cases, supplies and displays for many different types of collections. This coming winter, their organization is offering services and advice to coin collectors about preserving coin value and properly grading, pricing and storing their gold and silver coins.

Coins—especially antique ones, are small pieces of history, containing exquisite art and detail. SAFE® Collecting Supplies wants to make sure that collectors buying gold and displaying/storing gold and silver coins are fully informed on the different ways they can optimize their collection and protect their assets. One of the ways they are offering this service is by attending public coin show events.

The first event they will be attending is the NY International Coin Show, January 8-11, 2015. After that, they can be found presenting at the Baltimore Coin and Currency Expo on March 26-28, 2015. The next way that they offer advice, is through some of their trusted online sources.

Coin collectors struggling with finding relevant information and educating themselves should check a few sites recommended by SAFE® Collecting Supplies.

SAFE® Collecting Supplies offers a wide variety of coin storage devices. One of their newest products is a 3-D container, for safe storage and great viewing potential. Additionally, they offer albums, cases, coin holders, wooden display cases, lockable containers, aluminum carrying cases, stackable drawers, designer chests of drawers, drawer inserts and more. These products and more are available on their website.

Collectors interested in protecting and preserving the coin value of their collections, as well as receiving efficient and effective storage for protecting their assets of gold and silver coins are urged to contact SAFE® Collecting Supplies immediately. SAFE® Collecting Supplies offers free shipping on any order $99 or more and hassle-free return policies. Kurt Braun, CEO of SAFE® Collecting Supplies has been providing this service since 1953, and is always excited to welcome new clients into his family. Call them toll-free today at 800.296.6130.

About SAFE® Collecting Supplies:

Since 1953, SAFE® Collecting Supplies has been the leading manufacturer of high-quality collecting supplies around the world. The company is dedicated to helping collectors find the appropriate collecting and storage system for coins, paper money, stamps, pins, postcards, rocks, minerals and more.
For more information, please visit http://www.safepub.com/

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