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SAFE Collecting Supplies Offers Advice on Protecting Valuable Collectibles This October

This October, and in the coming winter, many avid collectors will be receiving gifts and procuring additions to their collections. At this time, with the wet and cold weather approaching, it’s important for professional and amateur collectors alike to learn to how protect and preserve their valuables. SAFE Collecting Supplies is a Collecting Supplies firm in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, that attends to just those needs.

safefeatureStamp collectors may be interested in getting stamp stockbooks or heavyweight plastic sleeves to hold, protect and preserve stamps, which can be small and fragile. There are also watermark detectors and ultraviolet lamps that are used to confirm the actual rarity and authenticity of truly uncommon stamps. SAFE® also has a wide variety of specialty stamp tongs for handling fragile stamps safely.

Individuals that collect coins can find air-tight coin capsules—containers that will safeguard a coin and protect it from tarnishing. There are also coin storage units made specifically for Morgan Dollars, Silver Eagles and Buffalo Nickels. Other items that can make coin collecting easier could be magnifiers for spotting imperfections and admiring details, and digital scales, meant for weighing coins, as another measure of authenticity.

Rocks and Minerals are another widely collected item. Designer chests can add some flair to a collection. 3D floating frames can be used to provide a 360 degree view of any prime specimen that collectors may want to put on display. Ultraviolet lamps are available to bring out the true hidden colors of fluorescent rocks and minerals—substances that glow uniquely under ultraviolet light.

Likewise, many of these tips can also serve people collecting postcards, first day covers and Disney® pins. Regardless of the item that is being collected, there are a lot of storage options for people that want a premier line of defense for their valued collectibles.

coinscaleAll these products and more are provided by SAFE® Collecting Supplies. Interested collectors can see their collecting supplies at their distribution center in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, call them at 800-296-6130, or visit them on the web at www.safepub.com.

About SAFE:

Since 1953, SAFE has been the leading manufacturer of high-quality collecting supplies around the world. The company is dedicated to helping collectors find the appropriate collecting and storage system for coins, paper money, stamps, pins, postcards, rocks, minerals and more.

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