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Sapphire Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation on Blue Titanium Coin

Blue Titanium Coin and Silver Proof

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place on June 2, 1953 at Westminster Abbey and to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of this historic occasion, a stunning new coin is being issued on behalf of the Falkland Islands Government.

Princess Elizabeth acceded the throne at the age of 25 upon the death of her father, King George VI, on February 6, 1952. The Coronation took place more than a year later because of the tradition that holding such an event is inappropriate during the period of mourning that follows the death of a monarch and also due to the time it takes to actually organise such a major royal event. A total of 8,251 guests attended the ceremony with 129 nations and territories being officially represented. The service itself began at 11.15 am and lasted almost three hours and was a breakthrough for the history of broadcasting as it was the first service to be televised.

The coin features the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom which are used by Her Majesty in her official capacity as Monarch of the United Kingdom. The Coat of Arms features the Lion, representing England, and the Unicorn, representing Scotland. The motto of English Monarchs “Dieu et mon Driot” (God and my Right) which has descended to the present Royal Family can be seen below as well as the motto “Honi soit qui mal y pense” (Shame on he who thinks evil), which is shown on the Garter circlet which surrounds the seal. The Royal Coat of Arms that appears on the coin has been taken from Priors Gate at Winchester Cathedral. The pattern that surrounds the Coat of Arms replicates the pattern created on Her Majesty’s Coronation gown which was designed by British fashion designer Norman Hartnell and consisted of white satin which was embroidered with the emblems of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth in gold and silver thread.

The obverse of the coin is an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II produced exclusively by Pobjoy Mint.

Coin Specifications

Metal: Titanium, .925 Silver, Cupro Nickel
Diameter: Titanium: 36.10 mm; Silver: 38.60 mm; CuNi: 38.60 mm
Weight: Titanium: 10.00 g; Silver: 28.28 g; CuNi: 28.28 g
Issue Limit: Titanium: 7,500; Silver: 2,000; CuNi: 10,000


The Titanium and Silver coins are shipped encapsulated in an acrylic capsule for protection and housed in a stunning red box with a Certificate of Authenticity. The copper nickel coins are shipped in tubes. Blue velvet pouches are extra and need to be ordered separately.

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