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Sedwick’s Treasure, World & U.S. Coin Auction 17 Now Online

Sedwick Treasure and World Coin Auction 17

Treasure, World & U.S. Coin Auction #17

Live on the Internet, Wednesday-Thursday, April 29-30, 2015


Our Treasure, World & U.S. Coin Auction #17 is now available for viewing and bidding online! We are dubbing this auction “The 1715 Fleet Anniversary Auction,” as it was 300 years ago this summer that the treasure-laden Spanish 1715 Fleet succumbed to cyclonic disaster off the east coast of Florida. This anniversary has brought some VERY interesting items out of the woodwork, most of which have never been auctioned before, many with pedigrees to the Real Eight Company and other famous salvagers like Mel Fisher, whose followers know that this year also marks the 30th anniversary of the finding of the Atocha “mother lode” in 1985.

The most valuable treasures here are big gold ingots—some in excess of two kilos each and over 11 kilos total. You will also find over 40 gold cobs from the 1715 Fleet and hundreds of silver coins (plus one gold cob) from the Atocha (1622).

This time we are also featuring U.S. coins and Ancient Coins in addition to our usual selection of cobs and general world coins. Keep in mind that “usual” in cobs for us means exceptional offerings, as we see here, with eight examples of Royals in several denominations from the three main mints (Mexico, Lima and Potosí), plus a new, unpublished specimen of the Lima Rincón 8 reales (first “dollar” of South America), as well as many Potosí 8 reales of Philip II and three Panama cobs.

Finally, in Artifacts we feature a Spanish cannon dated 1766 and many cannonballs; several choice (intact) specimens of Chinese porcelain from shipwrecks; and some impressive pieces of Spanish shipwreck gold jewelry, including a complete gold-and-coral rosary from the 1715 Fleet. – Visit our site www.SedwickCoins.com

NOTE: Coin lots will be available for viewing at our corner booth #11 at the Chicago International Coin Fair (CICF) at the Crowne Plaza O’Hare in Rosemont, Illinois, April 9-12.

Order of Sale

SESSION I: April 29, 10:00 AM EDT

SESSION II: April 29, 2:00 PM EDT

SESSION III: April 30, 2015, 10:00 AM EDT

SESSION IV: April 30, 2015, 3:00 PM EDT

SESSION V: April 30, 2015, 7:30 PM EDT

* * * *

Sedwick'sDaniel Frank Sedwick, LLC
Licensed Florida Auctioneer #AU3635, AB2592 (since 2007)
P.O. Box 1964
Winter Park, Florida 32790


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