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I was reading through some numismatic books for a new subject for this blog, and several subjects crossed my view. For instance: military banknotes, Indian coinage, Byzantine coinage, and Ottoman banknotes. I know that these are specialized subjects for many collectors, and for this blog entry, I was searching for a more accessible subject to meet a wider audience.

I looked at my bookcase again and I saw the standard reference for Dutch coins from 1795 through 1969. This was the first official numismatic book I ever carried in my bookcase because the first thing I ever collected was the coinage of the Dutch kingdom. I find it funny that I’ve never written a blog about these coins. Not only because of my personal experience with these coins but also because of their huge popularity across the world. It still amazes me that I sell these coins to collectors and dealers all around the globe. I’ve sold them to people not only throughout all of Europe but also in Asia, the Middle-East and America. So in this blog, I will very briefly discuss coins from the Dutch kingdom.

* * *

2½ Gulden 1840 U Willem l

1,975.00 US$

  • Catalog: Schulman 257

Struck with polished stamps. Obverse: Head to the right.

* * *

Since 1815 seven monarchs have “ruled” over the Netherlands. Willem I was the first king of the Netherlands from 1815 until 1840.

Willem II was king of the Netherlands for a shorter period of time, between 1840 and 1849.

Willem III was king of the Netherlands for a much longer period of time, between 1849 and 1890. In 1890 he died but his daughter was still too young to became queen. Willem III’s wife Emma, therefore, became regent for a number of years until his daughter was 18 years old.

Wilhelmina became queen of the Netherlands in 1898. She abdicated in 1948 when her daughter Juliana ascended to the throne.

In 1980 Juliana abdicated and her daughter, Beatrix, became queen. She abdicated almost six years ago. Therefore, Beatrix’s son Willem-Alexander became king of the Netherlands in 2013.

Several denominations were minted between 1817 and 2019. These denominations were: 50 gulden; 20 gulden; 10 gulden (silver and gold); 5 gulden (also in gold); 3 gulden; 2,5 gulden; 1 gulden; 0.5 gulden; 25 cent; 10 cent; 5 cent; 2,5 cent; 1 cent; 0,5 cent; and the well-known euro coins since 2001. The metal that was used for each coin depended on the denomination and the time period within which it was minted. Most of the coins consist of either silver, gold, nickel, or a bronze alloy.

* * *

3 Gulden 1823 U Utrecht – Willem I

1,400.00 US$

  • Catalog: Schulman 245
  • Weight: 32.22 g
  • Diameter: 40.00 mm

* * *

MA-Shops offers more than 13,000 Dutch coins and almost 6,000 from the Dutch Kingdom. So, if you want to add a Dutch coin to your collection then I’m sure you can find one (or more, of course) on MA-Shops. I have chosen three Dutch coins from MA-Shops to discuss in greater detail.

First up is the 3 gulden 1823U. Most of the time these coins are in a VF condition but this coin is in a beautiful condition.

Next is an almost magical coin. It is a 10 gulden 1842 in a Mint State condition. Only 860 were minted and therefore it is extremely rare. Besides the fact that it is so rare, it also has beautiful iconography. Especially the bust of Willem II. I love the details. Take a closer look and you can even see the veins on his head!

The last coin I want to mention is an undervalued piece, and that is the 5 cent 1848. At most, 380 of the issue were minted. So this coin is extremely rare. But the price, relative to rarity, is still low. This coin is also in a proof quality so it would be a great investment for anyone who likes Dutch coins.

* * *

10 Gulden Gold 1842 – Willem II

15,225.00 US$

  • Weight: 6.729 g
  • Diameter: 22.5 mm
  • Mintage: 860

Obverse: Bust to the right. Reverse: Crowned Dutch coat of arms. Edge lettering: * GOD * ZY * MET * ONS

5 Cents 1848 – Kingdom – Willem II

6,600.00 USD

  • Catalog: Schulman 837
  • Mintage: 230 pieces – Very rare

* * *

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