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Show & Convention News – October TOREX Coin Show Review

Torex Canada's National Coin Show


The October 2018 TOREX was a very positive and upbeat numismatic event hosting Canada’s finest dealers at its home at the Hyatt Regency hotel in downtown Toronto. Most dealers reported having a good show and the auctioneers reported three very busy auction sessions. The Royal Canadian NumA “Kid’s Table” hosted by Emily was again popular with young numismatists. The RCNA executive held their annual meeting at this TOREX.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and we look forward to seeing you again at our next TOREX show in February 2019.

And thank you to all show attendees who took the time to complete TOREX comment cards. We really appreciate it! The following were just some of the many comments we were very pleased to receive at this show:

  • “Good Show!” – Doug A.
  • “Excellent. Well organized – presented.” – John D.
  • “Still my favourite show.” – Taral W.
  • “There are great deals to be had if you take the time to ask.” – John G.
  • “Merveilleux, Bonne Journee.” – Jean-Francois O.
  • “One of my favourite shows!” – Dan B.
  • “Helpful if more dealers would display their names.” – J. Dickinson.
  • “Very nice, as always” – Mark S.
  • “Thank you for getting the dealers to put their nameplates to be seen” – Cass S.
  • “A great show with great prices.” – John. W.
  • “Nice show. Thanks!” – Cory J.
  • “Excellent.” – Joeinto C.
  • “Fantastic Show.” – Jerry L.2018 Royal Canadian Mint Specimen Set. Images courtesy TOREX

Congratulations to Saturday TOREX raffle winner: Shirley W. and Sunday winner Keith R. They were each the lucky recipients of a 2018 Royal Canadian Mint specimen set. The set shines the spotlight on an endangered species, the burrowing owl, which is known for nesting in underground burrows throughout the open prairies and grasslands. Canadian artist Pierre Girard captures the beauty of the owl on the one-dollar specimen coin.

* * *

Another October Torex Auction has come and gone and now we face the long cold winter months ahead. But before the cold gets here we managed to get a bit of warmth through three interesting and very busy Auction Sessions.

Again the market proved to be active but yet unpredictable with numerous surprises that outdid our expectations.

I think everybody will agree the hammer for Lot #305 The exceptionally rare and possibly one of a kind 1972 $5 BC-48bA Triple variety Error note (Cut off size, Replacement & High range Serial number) at $20 700 was impressive, to say the least.

Other highlights such as Lot #263 1935 $25 BC-11 PMG Gem UNC65EPQ at $28 750, Lot #264 1935 $50 BC-14 PMG CH UNC64EPQ at $40 250, Lot #623 1884 5¢ PCGS MS65 Solo Highest at $46 000, Lot #669 1921 5¢ ICCS MS64 at $33 925, Lot #743 1886 10¢ Lg Ptd PCGS MS64 at $21 850, Lot #810 1886 25¢ LBE 6/7 at $14 375 demonstrates the interest and market potential for all Canadian Numismatic rarities. Even the third session (non-floor) brought some great results. 1965 1¢ SmBds Ptd ICCS MS66RD sold for $890. Almost four times the estimate.

The Canadian market remains strong and very active.

As per usual internet activity and bidding was overwhelming and with the numerous mail bids and floors bids all competing for the available lots it made for an entertaining and enjoyable sale.

Again, none of this is possible without the fantastic consignments offered through the year and we take great pleasure in thanking all those who have entrusted us with their collections.

Thanks to all the staff and great appreciation to the TOREX Show for permitting us to run these great auctions.


The Canadian Numismatic Company

* * *

Please join us again February 23 & 24, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency on King for another exciting weekend of all things numismatic!

TOREX would like to thank the following for their contributions and support: the TOREX Dealers (Canada’s Finest); The Canadian Numismatic Company (TCNC); The Hyatt Regency on King for providing wonderful facilities and their really hard working and dependable staff; Target Security and Investigation Services; Andrew Fiutek – TOREX database programmer; Randstad; PackP – audio/visual services; Canadian Coin News; The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association (RCNA); the Canadian Association of Numismatic Dealers (CAND); Discount Truck Rentals; Bill Cross, the late Ingrid K. Smith and Jim Charlton, and all other previous TOREX show owners and directors.

TOREX coin show February 2019


The TOREX Coin Show & Auctions is Canada’s oldest commercial coin show, hosted three times per year at the Hyatt Regency on King in downtown Toronto. TOREX is the best place to buy, sell, trade and evaluate your coins, ask questions relating to numismatics, obtain information about area coin clubs, and meet other numismatic enthusiasts.

For more information please visit www.torex.net and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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