Silver Collecting – 1/2 oz Silver Rounds – Secondary Market

silver rounds

1/2 oz Fractional Silver Rounds Bullion Coins

Secondary market Silver rounds are an excellent way to add to your Silver holdings.

Although the rounds you receive could be perfect, nice, scruffy or somewhere in between each round/coin will be at least .999+ fine

Silver Rounds Highlights:

  • Contains 1/2 oz of .999 fine Silver.
  • Packaging may vary but all will be in protective packaging.
  • Diverse mix of 1/2 oz rounds from numerous manufacturers such as APMEX, Golden State Mint and other comparable quality manufacturers.
  • Designs may vary which can add some collectibility.

With a variety of designs and manufacturers and a lower price point, these 1/2 oz secondary market rounds are a great way to add Silver to your investment portfolio. Add these 1/2 oz Silver rounds to your cart today!

These Secondary Market for these rounds could be perfect, scruffy or somewhere in between but the primary concern is the fineness of .999 and the fractional nature of these rounds make it easter to use (should it ever come to that) as a fractional silver product with known weight and manufacture. Better than cutting a silver eagle in half.

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