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Silver Shipwreck: 61 tons recovered from the ocean floor – CNBC

cnbc_silver_shipwreckBy: Paul Toscano| Producer, CNBC.com ……….

Shipwrecks and sunken treasure may seem like a story lifted from a pirate movie, but a company that finds and recovers precious cargo from the bottom of the sea has come up with a haul of silver valued at over $36 million.

On Monday, Tampa-based Odyssey Marine Exploration announced that it had recovered over 61 tons (1.8 million ounces) of silver bullion this month from the wreck of a cargo ship torpedoed 300 miles off the coast of Ireland during World War II.

“This is the heaviest amount of precious cargo ever recovered from the deepest depth,” Odyssey’s president Mark Gordon told “Squawk on the Street” on Monday.

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SS Gairsoppa Video by Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc

The SS Gairsoppa lies approximately 3 miles below the surface of the north Atlantic Ocean. The ship sank after being hit with a torpedo on February 17, 1941. Odyssey discovered the shipwreck in 2011 and inspected the site with a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). What appear to be tea chests were observed in one cargo hold that was accessible to the ROV. The Gairsoppa’s cargo manifest included more than 1700 tons of tea and up to 7 million ounces of silver.

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