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SilverTowne Launches New Podcast – The SilverTowne Vault Cast

New podcast helps listeners keep up to date with summaries of current gold and silver news and precious metals pricing.

SilverTowne L.P., one of the country’s largest and most respected dealers of modern coins and bullion, has launched a new podcast that allows interested consumers to “listen” to current news and updates about silver, gold and other precious metals. The free podcast is available on iTunes, YouTube and the company’s website.

Shawn Ozbun of SilverTowne, host of the Vault Cast, says “our goal with the Vault Cast is to keep listeners up to date with what’s going on in the world of gold and silver by providing an overview of current news and precious metals pricing. We want to help people protect themselves against inflation and to preserve wealth with physical gold and silver.”

According to Ozbun, SilverTowne plans on releasing an episode twice a week at first, but the frequency of releases could increase depending on popularity, feedback and other factors.

Those interested can subscribe to the Vault Cast via iTunes using any of several free or paid podcast apps available for both Apple and Android devices. The SilverTowne podcasts will also be posted on the company’s YouTube page, so subscribers there will be informed of the latest episode releases.

Furthermore, all episodes will also be posted on the Vault Cast archive page at SilverTowne’s website, along with the most recent episode being listed on the homepage of www.silvertowne.com, from where the audio can be played directly. Ozbun added “the pilot episode of the Vault Cast exceeded our expectations, with over 2,000 people tuning in within the first two days. I’d like to thank all of our listeners for this incredible support.” SilverTowne invites you to tune in and stay informed.

Founded in 1949 by Leon Hendrickson, SilverTowne L.P. is one of the country’s largest and most respected dealers of rare coins, modern coins and precious metals. From a cigar box under a lunch counter to a multi-million dollar business, SilverTowne has grown from a small coin shop to four retail departments under one roof. In addition to the retail showroom in historical Winchester, Indiana, SilverTowne provides a wide-selection of bullion and coins to collectors and investors nationwide through catalogs and their websites.

http://www.silvertowne.com and http://www.moderneaglecoins.com
Connect with SilverTowne:
www.facebook.com/silvertowne; www.pinterest.com/silvertowne; www.twitter.com/silvertowneLP; www.youtube.com/silvertowneLP

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