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Sole Finest 1835 Classic Head $5: Stack’s Bowers Direct Coin of the Week

Sole Finest 1835 Classic Head $5: Stack's Bowers Direct Coin of the Week

1835 Classic Head $5 Gold Eagle Description

  • The Sole Finest 1835 Classic Head $5
  • MS-65 PL (NGC)
  • McCloskey-3 Variety

1835 Classic Head Half Eagle. McCloskey-3. First Head, Small Date. MS-65 PL (NGC).

This magnificent Gem 1835 Classic Head $5 gold half eagle is fully impressed with satin textured devices that offer appreciable contrast to well-mirrored fields. Handsome medium gold patina blankets both sides, the surfaces exceptionally well preserved for a survivor of this brief and conditionally challenging series. The spectacular example represents a significant find for both specialists and type collectors, as it is the sole finest certified 1835 half eagle of any variety at MS-65 PL (NGC). It is superior to even the specimen from the D. Brent Pogue Collection, which was graded MS-64 (PCGS) and brought $42,300 USD in our May 2016 sale.

A reduction in the weight of the gold half eagle from 8.75 grams to 8.36 grams through the Act of June 28, 1834 was done to discourage hoarding and allow this denomination to circulate once again. The weight change corresponded with a change in design and the introduction of William Kneass’ Classic Head type, which would remain current only through 1838.

Most Classic Head half eagles obtained for high-grade type purposes are examples of the first year 1834 issue of the Plain 4 date logotype. The second year 1835 has a more limited mintage (371,534 vs. 657,460 pieces) and is scarcer in all grades than its first year counterpart. McCloskey-3 is one of the more frequently encountered die marriages of the 1835 half eagle and the American Numismatic Society (ANS) collection also contains a Prooflike Uncirculated coin from these dies. Remarkably, this piece represents the only 1835 half eagle to receive a PL designation from PCGS or NGC, emphasizing it as a crowning jewel for any collection of Early US Type or Classic Head gold.

PCGS# 8173. NGC ID: 25RV.



NGC Census: 1; none finer in any category.

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