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Sonny Henry Coin & Currency Auction a huge success

The November 9, 2013 Coin & Currency Auction was a huge success. Included in this auction were collections from several states including Illinois, Iowa and Texas.

One of the Collectors started educating himself in Numismatics in the 1950s, attending coin shows in the Chicago area. He would sit at his desk many late nights pouring over coin books & magazines, and analyzing his finds. One of his coins was an 1893-s Morgan Dollar, which was laying on top of a box, when I opened it. I submitted the coin to PCGS and received a PCGS XF45 grade. This coin will be in our auction on January 18, 2014. This collector enjoyed all aspects of Numismatics.



Some Highlights of the Auction (Prices Realized does not include 10% Buyers Fee): 1836 Gobrecht Dollar –NGC Pf50 $17,000.00 ,1922 $20 St. Gaudens-NGC MS65 $4,225.;00 ,1923 $20 St. Gaudens-PCGS MS65 $4,250.00 ,1912-s Lib. Nick-NGC MS64CAC $2,600.00 ,1913-p Buff. Nick Ty-1-NGC PF65 $2,650.00, 1881-cc Mor. Doll-PCGS MS66 $1,525.00 1884-cc Mor. Doll-PCGS MS65 DMPL $1,300.00 1799 Dr. Bust Doll-XF $2,250.00 1803 Bust Half-AU detail $2,200.00 1806 Bust Half-AU+ $2,200.00 1859-o Std. Doll-MS63 $1,200.00 1874-cc Tr. Doll-MS60/61 $1,100.00 1908 $20 N/M ST. Gaudens MS 64 $1,460.00 1904 $20 Liberty MS 62 $1,230.00 1907 $20 Liberty BU $1,230.00  1878-s $20 Liberty VF $1,230.00 1915 Austrian “Restrike” 100 Coronas BU $1,130.00 1873 Std. Doll-MS62 $1,300.00 1854-c $2 ½ Lib Gold-PCGS XF45 $2,400.00 1915-s $2 ½ Panama-Pacific Gold-PCGS MS64 $4,100.001885 Liberty Nickel PCGS Proof 66 $2,050.00



P.O. Box 416 Mendota, IL 61342

Phone or Fax: (815-539-6300_ FAX-(815) 538-2511

Sonny Henry: Auctioneer-Appraiser-Consultant

Lic. #040000721

Accepting Consignments for future Auctions

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