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Special Collectors Coin Helps Efforts to Fight Wildfires in Australia

15% of the proceeds from this coin will be donated to the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Services


Since Australia’s fire season began in late July of last year, the country has been devastated by the worst wildfires seen in decades, and so in support of the efforts being made to combat these fires by the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Services, Pobjoy Mint has made a new coin with 15% of proceeds being donated.

Pobjoy Mint is pleased to announce the release of the new Preserve the Planet Earth Coin on behalf of the Government of Niue.

Since September 2019 the wildfires in Australia have burned over 27 million acres, one of the worst fire seasons on record. The fires have killed at least 29 people and destroyed over 2,500 homes. An estimated 1.25 billion animals have also perished, including over 8,000 koalas. It is obvious they are in need of external support, and we are happy to help.

The devasting effects the fires in Australia are having on the people, their homes, the wildlife, and the landscape have been seen all over the globe. This special coin has therefore been issued to help raise much-needed funds the Australian nation recover the destruction these fires have caused and also to raise awareness of climate change issues.

The coin itself features a map of Australia carrying the Australian national flag with a koala superimposed over the country. It is clear from recent news coverage that this Australian marsupial has been deeply affected by recent events. The inscription on the coin – “Preserve Planet Earth” – emphasizes the belief that climate change is the main cause of this devastation.

15% of the total profit of all coins will be donated to the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education services (WIRES) which is Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization.

Coin Specifications

Metal: 1oz Sterling Silver, 2oz Fine Silver, Cupro-Nickel
Diameter: Sterling, Cu-Ni: 38.60 mm; 2oz Fine Silver: 50.00 mm
Weight: Sterling, Cu-Ni: 28.28 g; 2oz Fine Silver: 62.21 g
Issue Limit: Sterling: 750; 2oz Fine: 500; Cu-Ni: 2,020


The Cupro Nickel coin will come in a specially designed pack including the certificate of authenticity on the back of the pack. The 1oz Silver version will come presented in a beautiful red box with a separate special certificate. The 2 oz Silver High Relief Reverse Frosted coin is presented in an acrylic holder with colourful sleeve.

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