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Stack's Bowers Baltimore $1000 Note

By Q. David BowersCo-founder of Stack’s Bowers  ……

Once again the red carpet is rolled out for you at the Stack’s Bowers series of auctions to be held at the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo. A smorgasbord of delights awaits! Five separate catalogs describe some of the nicest items we’ve ever offered.

Stack’s Bowers Rarities Night showcases many items from colonial days onward, including “trophy coins” that will draw wide attention. Included in Rarities Night is The ESM Collection, the No. 1 PCGS Registry Set of Circulation Strike Lincoln Cents with Major varieties. Presented in a separate catalog will be The Joel R. Anderson Collection, comprising large-size currency by design types.

This cabinet is unequaled and offers connoisseurship that reminds me of the D. Brent Pogue coin collection. Part 1 of the Anderson Collection will have the rarest of the rare and the finest of the fine, but there will be many popular and affordable issues as well.

The A.J. Vanderbilt Collection of United States Coins and Paper Money follows, also in its own catalog. And if that were not enough, Stack’s Bowers has a spectacular catalog presenting many additional currency items.

This catalog contains a wonderful selection of coins, tokens, and medals from all eras. Consider starting a new specialty if the ones you are now collecting are reaching completion. Morgan silver dollars, the most popular early American series, beckon with a nice selection. Gold coins from dollars to double eagles also await. Early American coins, coppers from half cents to modern issues, and silver coins from all eras are described.

I received notice the other day from Whitman Publishing that my Official Red Book of United States Type Coins is due for a new edition this year. The present catalog offers you the opportunity to get a running start on collecting coins by design types–a very feasible alternative if you do not have the budget to collect one of everything. You will need just one copper two cent piece, one nickel three-cent piece, and three silver three-cent pieces for example. For an impressive collection of double eagle types there are just six from 1850 to 1933. This is a fun way to collect, as each type has its own story.

A marvelous opportunity for the specialist is the Brian Dobbins Collection of American Political Tokens with many treasures that have been off the market for a half century or more. Additionally that collection includes Western Americana rarities. Among the other esoterica in the present catalog are key items from my collection of shell cards, mostly used to illustrate my book on the subject published by the Token and Medal Society (TAMS). Were I younger than age 79, I would hold on to these and other things tightly–but it is nice to watch as others acquire and enjoy them. Tokens and medals, always popular, are hot tickets now with the Token and Medal Society, Civil War Token Society, and Medal Collectors of America groups being more dynamic than ever (check them on the internet).

I also want to mention the many items found in the Internet portion of this sale. To paraphrase the old saying of a general store sign: “If we ain’t got it, you don’t need it,” I say, “If a coin, token, medal, or currency note is not in this sale, you probably don’t need it!” An enjoyable experience awaits you.

If you come to Baltimore you will be greeted warmly by our staff. Have a question? Ask it!

There is More

In addition to our series of sales, the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Spring Expo offers one of the finest dealer bourses in the country. Stack’s Bowers Galleries will have a large setup in the dealer bourse. If you want to consign to a future sale, sell some coins on the spot, or buy some–or just “talk coins”–stop by. Others of us will be at the auction lot viewing room and at the sale itself. Track us down!

A trivia fact from the past: Christine Karstedt and I arranged for Whitman to purchase the Baltimore show many years ago. The rest is history.

I also invite you to visit the Whitman Publishing booth where there are many interesting and useful books for sale.

Ken Bressett, long-time editor of the Guide Book and a close friend for decades, will be honored by Whitman at the show for his lifetime accomplishments in numismatics. Stop by and say hi to him.

In Virtual Reality

If you are staying at home–good news for you. Using our dynamic website you can participate in virtual reality–in real-time watching our auctioneer at the podium, seeing the item being offered, and featuring an enticing “Bid!” button! With advance preparation with us, you can arrange to bid by telephone on important lots.

So, if you live in Zurich, Singapore, Tacoma, Silver Creek, or anywhere else, you can “be here” with us (virtual reality has allowed me to visit Machu Picchu, the Easter Islands, the Atacama Desert, and to watch our auctions in Hong Kong as they take place!).

And, another nice thing about the internet, the images of our auction items are finer and sharper than is possible in even the finest printed catalog.

Baltimore and the Whitman Expo

A survey taken by the ANA some years ago pinpointed Baltimore as America’s favorite convention city. It is easily reachable by car, plane, or train, and, for all I know, perhaps by ship as well. Draw a 500-mile circle around Baltimore and you get 60% or more of America’s numismatic population.

Beyond that, Baltimore is part of my DNA. My brother and sister were born there, Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr. and family have been close friends, and through our memorable auctions and the book about the Garrett Collection consigned by the Johns Hopkins University, I almost feel like it is my alma mater (although Penn State actually is).

Thank you for your interest and participation in our sale.​

All good wishes,

Q. David Bowers
Co-founder, Stack’s Bowers Galleries

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