Store and Display Your So-Called Dollars in New Lucite Holders

Store and Display Your So-Called Dollars in New Lucite Holders

Jeff Shevlin, a nationally recognized expert on so-called dollars, now has available four different types of Lucite holders to store and display so-called dollars, which are historical U.S. medals that commemorate events in the United States history.

“It is exciting to introduce a new product that will allow collectors to showcase and display their collections,” Shevlin said. “There are four different holders related to my latest award-winning book So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions. These holders will store the official United States Mint medals, struck at the eight expositions, that were held on the West Coast”.

There are four different Lucite Holders to store and display your so-called dollars:

  • Pacific Coast Set” holder in the shape of the West Coast, has one hole for the official medal from each exposition. Large 10″ x 12″ format with eight holes. $49
  • Complete Set” holder has 27 holes for the different compositions of the official medals, silver, gold-plated, etc. Large 10″ x 12″ format with 27 holes. $49
  • Type Set” holder has one hole for the official medal from each Exposition. 6″ x 8″ format with 7 or 8 holes. $29
  • Three Hole Set” holder 6″ x 3″ format with 3 holes. $19
  • Custom” holders can be ordered in any size to store and display any collection. Minimum order of five for any custom holder. Prices vary.

For an additional $5 any holder can be customized with your name added to the holder, such as “JEFF SHEVLIN COLLECTION”. Shipping is $5.

To order contact Jeff Shevlin at [email protected], call (916) 955-2569 or visit the website

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Latest Book: From the Pacific Coast Expositions

The latest publication on so-called dollars by Jeff Shevlin and Bill HyderSo-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions – won awards at the American Numismatic Association (ANA) World’s Fair of Money as the Best Book of the Year on medals and tokens. We hope you order it and know you will enjoy reading it.

Q. David Bowers in his preface for the book states:

With its captivating narrative, color pictures, and other details you will have an ‘I am here’ experience when reading about the expositions… I suspect this will be a dangerous book to own – for it might compel you to collect so-called dollars.”

Hardbound, 8 ½ x 11, 320 page, full-color editions are usually $59.95 but CoinWeek Supplies is offering copies for $57.99.

Just Released: So-Called Dollar Collectors Pocket Price Guide

The annual So-Called Dollar Collectors Pocket Price Guide provides values for so-called dollars and is published in conjunction with the book So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions. Eight expositions were held on the Pacific Coast.

In addition to providing values for so-called dollars from the pacific coast expositions in grades EF-40, AU-50, MS-60, MS-63 and MS-65, the Pocket Price Guide has high quality photos of each type, rarity information and identifies all the various metal compositions they were struck in. There is a check box for each variety with room for notes so collectors can keep track of what they have and what they are looking for. Each year additional coins will be added to the Pocket Price Guide until all these coins are included.

Values for so-called dollars fluctuate just as values for U.S. coins fluctuate. Many factors influence their values and the Collectors Pocket Price Guide will be published annually to provide collectors and dealers with valuable pricing information. The Pocket Price Guide is available from CoinWeek Supplies for $18.99.

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