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Swiss Mint Issues World’s Smallest Gold Coin Showing Albert Einstein

By The Federal Mint Swissmint ……

The Smallest Gold Coin in the World

Smallest Gold Coin

With determination, patience, and ingenuity, Albert Einstein established his enduring fame in 1905 with the formula “E = mc2“, revolutionizing the world of physics. Swissmint has now tried to revolutionize the world of coins with the striking of the “smallest gold coin in the world”.

The unique result? A machine-minted gold coin with a diameter of 2.96 millimeters and a weight of only 0.063 grams (1/500 ounce). The smallest gold coin shows the famous picture of Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out, supplemented with the year 2020. On the other side is the nominal value of a ¼ Franc, together with “Helvetia” and the Swiss cross.


In addition, the gold alloy “AU 999.9” and the weight of 1/500 ounces are inscribed. Because both sides of the coin cannot be seen by the naked eye, Swissmint has had special packaging developed that includes magnifying lenses and a light source. The smallest gold coin can therefore be well-viewed and kept safe at the same time. There is a mintage limit of only 999 pieces.

Swiss Forest Animals – Rabbit

When someone picks up a spoon at dinner, people quiet themselves and listen carefully – just like a rabbit with them raised ears. However, if the rabbit feels threatened, he quickly flees and tries a sudden change of direction away from his pursuers. After the deer, the hare is the second subject in the three-part series Swiss Forest Animals. Designer Naomi Andrea Giewald, a graphic artist from eastern Switzerland, created the picture side of the 10-franc bimetal coin. In the center of the picture is the head of a rabbit in profile facing left. Paw prints are also recognizable on the outer ring of the coin.

Roger Federer for the Win

For the first time in its history, Swissmint has featured a living person on its coinage with Roger Federer. This is because he is probably the most important Swiss individual athlete, the best tennis player in the world, and a perfect ambassador for Switzerland to the rest of the world. And also for the first time, Swissmint launched the commemorative coin during a pre-release sale that started on December 2, 2019 After the successful pre-sale of 33,000 copies, another 37,000 Roger Federer silver coins will be issued: 22,000 pieces in Uncirculated quality, 10,000 pieces in Proof, and 5,000 pieces in a special folder with additional pictures and information.

The coins are sold via the web shop www.swissmintshop.ch.

If the demand is again as high as in the pre-sale, then customers may experience some longer than normal wait times on the website; Swissmint asks you for patience if this is the case. An order submitted on the web shop is successful once it is confirmed by email. Orders by email and phone directly to Swissmint are not possible.

Because of the great interest in the Roger Federer silver coins, Swissmint will strike another 40,000 Uncirculated silver coins in May 2020. This will be in addition to 10,000 Roger Federer gold coins with a new new design to be released at the same time.

New Circulating Coin Sets

Also in January 2020, Swissmint will be launching the new Swiss circulating coin sets in their various versions for issue. In addition to the popular Proof and “Stamped gloss” versions, there will also be a birthday coin set as well as the popular baby coin set on offer.

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About Swiss Federal Mint Swissmint

The Swiss Federal Mint Swissmint produces the Swiss circulation coins for daily commerceand also regularly publishes for the numismatic market. Special coins in bimetal, silver or gold are stamped with an official government-guaranteed face value and are characterized in different qualities.

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