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Swiss Mint Launches New Brand With Mani Matter Silver Coin

Swiss Mint Launches New Brand With Mani Matter Silver Coin

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From November 24, 2022, all of Switzerland’s special coins are on sale under the new “Swiss Special Coins” brand, thereby marking the beginning of a new chapter in Swissmint’s history. The Mani Matter silver coin is thus the first coin to be issued under the new brand.

Released 50 years after the singer-songwriter’s accidental death, the coin shows part of his face with his distinctive moustache, as well as some of his song “Dr. Alpeflug”. In addition, starting with this issue, all silver special coins will have a fineness of 999.9. The 2022 Christmas coin set, the last of its kind, was also launched on November 24. The new products can be bought at www.swissmintshop.ch.

Mani Matter CHF 20 Silver Coin

Hans Peter “Mani” Matter (August 4, 1936 – November 24, 1972) was a Swiss singer-songwriter and lawyer. Inspired by Georges Brassens, he began writing, composing, and interpreting Bernese dialect chansons at the age of 13. Even now, 50 years after his accidental death, the popularity of Mani Matter and his songs remain undimmed.

The obverse of the CHF 20 Mani Matter silver coin shows part of Mani Matter’s face with his distinctive moustache on the right of the coin. He is looking directly at the viewer. The left shows his full name on two lines, followed by his year of birth and death, separated by a vertical line. The outline of half of a guitar forms a border around the writing. The new special coin was designed by Swissmint engraver Remo Mascherini.

A bird and a mask, both drawings by Mani Matter, are depicted in the middle of the reverse. A line of the sheet music for the Bernese dialect song “Dr. Alpeflug” flows from the mask’s open mouth. The corresponding excerpt of the lyrics is shown below it. Read clockwise, the border features the words CONFOEDERATIO HELVETICA, the year of minting 2022, the mint mark “B”, the value 20 FR, and the fineness of 999.9 offset slightly inwards.

2022 Christmas Coin Set

The Christmas coin set (the last of its kind) rounds off Swissmint’s programme of issues for 2022. It combines the 2022 circulation coins with a shiny Christmas medal. The medal depicts a trumpet-blowing angel and snow stars on the front and the Star of Bethlehem on the reverse.

The new special coin from Swissmint and the Christmas coin set are available in a limited edition at www.swissmintshop.ch and from individual coin dealers and banks.

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About the Federal Mint Swissmint

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