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Tauler and Fau Auction 87 of Ancient, Spanish and World Coins Now Open Through June 9

Tauler and Fau Auction 87 of Ancient, Spanish and World Coins Now Open Through June 9

Auction 87 from Tauler & Fau features 374 lots and closes on Wednesday, June 9, 2021, beginning at 04:00 p.m. (CEST), exclusively online. The catalogue is already available at www.tauleryfau.com.

This sale features an important selection of numismatic rarities of Ancient, Spanish, and World coins. You will find among the Greek coins a rare and beautiful Antigonos III Doson tetradrachm and a fine style Mithradates II tetradrachm from the Kingdom of Parthia.

Ancient Roman coins include highlights such as a Fleur de Coin aureus of the emperor Lucius Verus with high relief and original luster that is one of the best specimens known and a very rare anepigraphic Antoninus Pius aureus almost in Mint State with pleasant color and appearance. Also, you will find a beautiful and rare aureus of Augustus featuring Gaius and Lucius Caesar on the reverse standing facing, two shields and two spears between them, above a simpulum and litmus and CL CAESARES in exergue, with full legends. Finally, from the Roman period, the collectors will find a magnificent selection of Republican, Imperatorial, and Imperial denarii.

Among Spanish coins, we can highlight an 8 reales of Potosi, a “Heart Cut” coin of 1706, one of three specimens known of this year type. Only 35 specimens of the “Heart Cut” type are known, an iconic coin of Spanish Colonial period.

Also, we can highlight a 1 escudo of Segovia of Bernardo de Pedrera assayer of 1652 over 22, a magnificent example with original luster and only one specimen known.

The Spanish period is full of rarities, an excellent selection of Royal Coinage, 8 escudos, 8 reales, etc.

On World coins, we can highlight an extremely rare 4 escudos of Costa Rica with Radiant six-pointed star countermark, just over six specimens known. Also, the collector will find a Mint State 2 Ducats of 1700 of Nuremberg (Germany), and a very rare 5 Guineas of Charles II (Great Britain) of 1673 minted in London.

Also, this sale includes plus 250 Special Pictures and 150 Videos of the most selected lots that you can enjoy at www.tauleryfau.com.

Some highlights from this Auction:

Lot 222: Philip V (1700-1746). 8 reales. 1706. Potosí. Y. (Cal-1523). (Lazaro-322). Ag. 27,18 g. Heart Cut. Of the highest rarity. Only three specimens known. Plugged hole.

Slabbed by NGC as XF DETAILS. These “Royal” coins are probably associated with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which started in France at the beginning of the 18th century and Philip V was devoted. It spread to South America, and therefore we can suppose that these coins were made as votive offerings of thanks or requests for favors to the Sacred Heart.

This would explain the hole in the flan, possibly to be hung as a medal or sewn to a mantle. The dies used are the same as those of the “Royal” mintages.

The rarity is extreme, according to Sedwick no more than 35 specimens of this “Heart Cut” type are known, and according to Lázaro no more than three examples minted in 1706 like the one offered in this auction are known.

  • Starting Price: 15,000€

Lot 195: Philip IV (1621-1665). 1 escudo. 1652/22. Segovia. BR (Bernardo de Pedrera) and A (Esteban de Pedrera). (Cal-1738, plate coin). (Tauler-898, plate coin). Au. 3,26 g. Beautiful. Original luster. Only one example known. Slabbed by NGC as MS 64. Top Pop.

  • Starting Price: 18,000€

Lot 97: Lucius Verus. Aureus. 164 AD. Rome. (Ric M. Aurelius-525). (Cal-2177, same dies). (Ch-247 var).

Obverse: L VERVS AVG ARMENIACVS. Draped and laureate bust right. Reverse: TR P IIII · IMP II COS II. Semi-naked Victory standing right, placing a shield with the inscription VIC / AVG on a palm tree. Au. 7,30 g. Pleasant color and appearance. Superb, one of the best specimens known. Virtually as struck and almost fleur de coin. Ex Numismatica Ars Classica 95 (10/2016), lot 291. Ex Künker 100 (6/2005), lot 66. Mint state.

  • Starting Price: 10,000€

Lot 359: Costa Rica. 4 escudos. 1837. San José. CR-E. (Kr. 29, as “rare” without price). (Fried-unlisted). Au. Radiant six-pointed star stamped upon a Central American Republic 4 Escudos dated 1837 CR-E. Extremely rare (just over a half dozen known examples, it is believed). Slabbed by NGC as XF40.

  • Starting Price: 8,000€

Lot 216: Philip V (1700-1746). 4 reales. 1739. Lima. V. (Cal-1022, plate coin). (Km- unlisted). Ag. 13,28 g. Well-struck with toned fields, no hole, well centered, really a choice Royal for any denomination or mint or period, let alone for the very rare Lima 4R Philip V type, of which this is the last known date anyway. Slabbed by NGC as VF35. Top Pop.

  • Starting Price: 8,000€

Lot 93: Antoninus Pius. Aureus. 145-161 AD. Rome. (Spink-4034). (Ric-158). (Cal-1460).

Obverse: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P COS IIII. Laureate bust right. Reverse: No legend.

Minerva with Victory and spear, resting on shield. Au. 7,34 g. Anepigraph on reverse. Pleasant color and appearance. Very rare, even more in this grade. AU.

  • Starting Price: 12,000€

Lot 354: Germany. 2 ducats. 1700. Nuremberg. (Erlanger-985). (Kellner-51).

Obverse: + SECVLVM NOVVM CELEBRAT RESP.NORINBERGENSIS. Dove with spread wings standing left above three shields of arms; below, in tiny letters, GF-N. Reverse: TEMPORA NOSTRA PATER DONATA PACE CORONA Pascal lamb, with banner inscribed PAX over his right shoulder, standing left on big globe. Au. 7,00 g. Magnificent piece. Mint state.

  • Starting Price: 1,800€

Lot 229: Philip V (1700-1746). 8 escudos. 1707. Lima. H. (Cal-2113). (Tauler-227). (Km-38.1). Au. 26,92 g. Legend ISPANIA. A few specimens known. Sharply struck. Very rare. XF.

  • Starting Price: 4,000€

Lot 81: Augustus. Aureus. 2 BC – AD 12. Lugdunum. (Ric-206). (Bmcre-515). (Cal-176).

Obverse: CAESAR AVGVSTVS DIVI F PATER PATRIAE, laureate head right. Reverse: AVGVSTI F COS DESIG PRINC IVVENT, Gaius and Lucius Caesars standing facing, two shields and two spears between them; above simpulum and lituus; CL CAESARES in exergue. Au. 7,95 g. Faint scratches. Full legends. Rare. Ex Chaves Collection. Almost XF.

  • Starting Price: 3,000€

Lot 284: Charles IV (1788-1808). 8 escudos. 1794. Guatemala. M. (Cal-1585). Au. 27,06 g. Magnificent piece. It retains some luster. Very rare. Slabbed by NGC as AU

  • Starting Price: 5,000€

* * *

To view the lots of this auction, visit the www.tauleryfau.com website.


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