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Tauler and Fau Auction 95 of Ancient Roman Coins Open Through November 2

Tauler and Fau Auction 95 of Ancient Roman Coins Open Through November 2

Auction 95 – A Roman Denarii Collection features 523 lots and closes on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, beginning at 04:00 p.m. (Central European Time), exclusively online.

This sale features an important collection of silver Roman denarii: Roman Republican, Roman Imperatorial and Roman Imperial. It represents a good selection of denarii, most of them with excellent pedigrees. The collector will find rarities in superb condition, incredible patinas, sharply portraits, etc. A Roman Denarii Collection is a great opportunity for the most exigent collectors.

Some coins of this collection come from the Poinssot Collection (1879-1967). The Poinssot Collection was formed by Julien Poinssot (1844-1900), an art patron, archaeologist and collector of antiquities. His passion for history and travel led him to finance several archaeological excavation campaigns in Algeria and Tunisia, bringing to light numerous Roman archaeological sites. His untimely death marked the future of his son Louis, who decided to follow his father’s path by also dedicating himself to historical research and collecting.

In this collection, you can find, for example, an extremely rare Sextus Pompeius denarius from Sicily. On the obverse, we can see the Pharos of Messana by the figure of Neptune with a galley in the foreground. On the reverse, we find the monster Scylla on the left, its body ending in two fish tails and three dogs.

Another denarius that could be interesting for the collector is a Sepullius Macer denarius of Marc Antony, a very rare specimen with gorgeous old cabinet patina, iridescent toning, and a magnificent sharp strike. On the obverse, we can see a veiled and bearded head of Marc Antony right, between a vase and a ritual staff known as a lituus. On the reverse, we can see the legend P. SEPVLLIVS. MACER. and a horseman right with two horses and a palm branch in the background.

Select Highlights from Auction 95

Lot 252: Sextus Pompeius. Denarius. 42-40 BCE. Sicilia. (Ffc-6). (Craw-511/4a). (Sydenham-1164). Obv.: MAG. PIVS IMP. ITER., the Pharos of Messana by figure of Neptune, galley before. Rev.: PRAEF. CLAS. ET OR(AE. MARIT. EX. S.C)., the monster Scylla Ieft. Ag. 3.60 g. A good sample for this type. Included collector´s ticket. Very rare, even more in this grade. Ex Poinssot Collection (1879-1967). XF.

  • Starting Price: 1,500 €

Lot 300: Augustus. Denarius. 15-13 BCE. Lugdunum. (Ric-167a). (Seaby-137). Obv.: AVGVSTVS DIVI F. Bare head right. Rev.: IMP X. Bull charging right. Ag. 3.86 g. Excellent specimen, sharply struck in high relief with plenty of original luster. FDC.

  • Starting Price: 1,500 €

Lot 279: Marcus Antonius. P. Sepullius Macer. Denarius. 44 BCE. Rome. (Ffc-71). (Craw-480/22). (Cal-1270). Obv.: His veiled and bearded head right, between vase and lituus. Rev.: P. SEPVLLIVS. MACER., horseman right with two horses, palm branch behind. Ag. 4.00 g. Gorgeous old cabinet patina. Iridescent tone. Very rare. Ex Poinssot Collection (1879-1967). Magnificent sharply struck and appearance. AU.

  • Starting Price: 1,500 €

Lot 343: Claudius and Agrippina. Denarius. 50-51 CE. Lugdunum. (Ric-81). (Spink-1886). Obv.: TI CLAVD CAESAR AVG GERM P M TRIB POT P P Laureate head of Claudius. Rev.: AGRIPPINAE – AVGVSTAE Draped bust of Agrippina Minor, wearing barley wreath. Ag. 3.63 g. Faint scratches. Very rare. Ex Tauler&Fau, Auction 70. XF.

  • Starting Price: 2,000 €

Lot 110: Livineia. L. Livineius Regulus. Denarius. 42 BCE. Rome. (Ffc-811). (Craw-494/30). (Cal-899). Obv.: The head of the praetor, L. Livineius Regulus, right, (small head). Rev.: Combat with wild beasts: one combatant attacks a lion, another defends himself against a tiger, a wounded boar top left, L. REGVLVS in exergue. Ag. 3.83 g. Rare and in exceptional condition for the issue. Lovely old cabinet tone. Ex Poinssot Collection (1879-1967). AU.

  • Starting Price: 800 €

Lot 249: Brutus. Pedanius Costa. Denarius. 43-42 BCE. Military mint traveling with Brutus and Cassius in Western Asia Minor or Northern Greece. (Ffc-3). (Craw-506/2). (Cal-879). Obv.: COSTA LEG., laureate head of Apollo right. Rev.: BRVTVS IMP. military trophy. Ag. 3.88 g. Delicate patina. Pleasant color and appearance. Very rare in this grade. Ex Poinssot Collection (1879-1967). Almost MS.

  • Starting Price: 1,000 €

Lot 113: Lollius. Lollius Palikanus. Denarius. 45 BCE. Rome. (Ffc-818). (Craw-473/1). (Cal-906). Obv.: LIBERTATIS behind head of Liberty right. Rev.: PALIKANVS above view of the Rostra in the Forum surmounted by a sella. Ag. 3.90 g. Very well-centered struck and exceptionally complete. Lovely cabinet toning with some iridescence. Rare. Ex Poinssot Collection (1879-1967). XF/AU.

  • Starting Price: 600 €

Lot 248: Julius Caesar. Denarius. 54-51 BCE. Galia. (Ffc-53). (Craw-443/1). (Rsc-49). Obv.: Elephant right, treading on serpent, CAESAR in exergue. Rev.: Simpulum, sprinkler, axe, and priest’s hat. Ag. 4.02 g. A good sample. Almost XF.

  • Starting Price: 500 €

Lot 252: Cassius. P. Cornelius Lentulus Spinther. Denarius. 43-42 BCE. Military mint moving with the army of Brutus and Cassius (Smyrna?). (Ffc-1). (Craw-500/3). (Cal-418). Obv.: C. CASSI. IMP. LEIBERTAS., diademed head of Liberty right. Rev.: Jug and lituus, LENTVLVS SPINT below. Ag. 3.87 g. Patina. Included collector´s ticket. Rare. Ex Poinssot Collection (1879-1967). XF/AU.

  • Starting Price: 600 €

* * *

To view the lots of this auction, visit the www.tauleryfau.com website.

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