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Tauler and Fau E-Auction 69 Ancient and World Coin Highlights

By Tauler and Fau ……

Tauler and Fau’s E-Auction 69 – Fall Selection features 800 lots of Greek, Ancient Spanish, Roman Republican and Imperial, Visigothic, Andalusian, Medieval, Spanish Monarchy, Centenary of the Peseta, and World Coins, as well as Medals, Banknotes and Large Lots. E-Auction 69 closes on Tuesday, November 10, 2020, beginning at 03:00 pm (CET) exclusively online.

The catalogue is already available at www.tauleryfau.com.

This sale features several interesting specimens, such as a scarce Augustus denarius with a bull standing right on reverse; a CONSECRATIO denarius of Antoninus Pius in excellent condition; a clear overdated 8 escudos of Charles III from the Seville Mint that has some luster remaining; and an intriguing selection of “Spanish Pillar dollars” of Philip V, Ferdinand VI, and Charles III.

Also, cob collectors will find different examples of 8 reales, 8 escudos, 4 escudos, and 2 escudos cobs featuring different mintmarks.

Several highlighted lots include videos that you can also view on the website.

Some Highlights from E-Auction 69

Lot 2021: Kings of Bactria. Eukratides I Megas. Tetradrachm. 170-145 BCE. (Sng Ans-465; Bopearachchi-6E). Obverse: Right-hand bust with headband, draping, and helmet adorned with horn and bull’s ear, all within a beaded and pearled frame. Reverse: The Dioscuri on horseback on the right, each holding a lance and palm, above ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΜΕΓΑΛΟΥ, below ΕΥΚΡΑΤΙΔΟΥ and monogram. Ag. 15,65 g. Choice VF.

  • Starting Price: 250€ (approx. $297 USD)


Lot 2172: Augustus. Denarius. 21-20 a.C. Samos. (Ric-475; Bmc-663; Ch-18). Obverse: CAESAR. Naked head to right. Reverse: AVGVSTVS. Bull standing to the right. Ag. 3,94 g. Struck on a full flan. Rare. Almost XF.

  • Starting Price: 600€ (approx. $713 USD)


Lot 2191: Divus Antoninus Pius. Denarius. 161 CE. Rome. (Ric-431 Aurelius); Bmcre-48-54; Rsc-155-6). Obverse: DIVVS ANTONINVS, Bare head right. Reverse: CONSECRATIO, Eagle standing right, head left, upon garlanded altar. Ag. 3,33 g. Unusual in this grade. XF.

  • Starting Price: 100€ (approx. $119 USD)


Lot 2323: Philip II (1556-1598). 4 escudos. Sevilla. (Cal-887 var; Tauler-11 var). Au. 13,48 g. “Square” assayer. Scarce. VF.

  • Starting Price: 600€ (approx. $713 USD)


Lot 2575: Ferdinand VII (1808-1833). 8 reales. 1821. Zacatecas. RG. (Cal-1465). Ag. 27,46 g. Weak strike on reverse. Soft tone. With some original luster remaining. AU.

  • Starting Price: 150€ (approx. $178 USD)

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