Tauler and Fau Highlight Rare Ancient, Spanish and World Coins in Auction 70

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Featuring 329 lots of rare Ancient, Spanish, and World Coins, Auction 70 from Tauler and Fau–exclusively online–closes on Tuesday, November 24, beginning at 04:00 p.m. (CET). The catalogue is already available at www.tauleryfau.com.

Among the many highlights of the Ancient Greek coin selection, you will find a gorgeous and fully lustrous stater of Zeugitania in high relief from fine style dies, as well as a wonderful gold octodrachm of Arsinoe II, one of the famous Ptolemaic rulers of Egypt.

In the Roman Coin selection, we can highlight a Fleur de Coin reduced aureus of Gallienus that is unpublished and unique, a very rare and well-centered Caligula and Agrippina aureus, and a magnificent selection of republican and imperial silver denarii.

In Spanish Coins, we can highlight a really good selection of the Medieval-era coinage of LaCoruña, Spain, with unique and extremely rare specimens.

Among the selection of Spanish Monarchy coins, you will find an extremely rare “Dog Face” type 8 escudos of Ferdinand VI from the Mexico Mint in excellent condition, slabbed by NGC as AU 53. You will also find a really good variety of 4 reales, 8 reales, 4 escudos and 8 escudos of peninsular and colonial mintmarks.

Also, this sale includes more than 300 detailed pictures and videos of highlight lots, that you can enjoy at www.tauleryfau.com.

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Some Highlights from Auction 70

Lot 121: Gallienus. Reduced Aureus. 259 CE. Rome. (Ric-unlisted). (Ch-unlisted). (Cal-unlisted). Obv.: GALLIENVS AVG, radiate bust right. Rev.: P M TR P VII COS P P, Minerva standing to right, wearing helmet, brandishing spear in right hand, holding shield in left. Au. 2.00 g.

Apparently unique and unpublished. Attractive specimen. Mint State.

  • Starting Price: 6,000€ (about $7,115 USD)

Lot 27: Zeugitania. Carthage. Stater. 350-320 BCE. (Jenkins & Lewis Group IIIh, 93). Obv.: Head of Tanit left, wearing wreath of grain ears, triple-pendant earring, and necklace with eight pendants. Rev.: Horse standing right; three pellets on ground line before leading hind leg. Au. 9.19 g.

A tremendous example boasting crisp strike details in high relief from fine style dies, fully lustrous. Ex Chrysos Collection, acquired in Geneva in 1980. Mint State.

  • Starting Price: 7,000€ (about $8,301 USD)

Lot 85: Augustus. Denarius. 21-20 BCE. Samos. (Ffc-19). (Ric-475). (Cal-821). Obv.: CAESAR bare head of Augustus right. Rev.: AVGVSTVS above heifer right. Ag.

Beautiful color and appearance. Fine style. About Uncirculated.

  • Starting Price: 1,500€ (about $1,779 USD)

Lot 195: Philip IV (1621-1665). 8 reales. 1664. Santa Fe de Nuevo Reino. PºRS. (Cal 2019-1562). (Restrepo-M46-38). Ag. 25,97 g. Value VIII.

Good specimen for this mint. Very rare. Choice VF.

  • Starting Price: 2,000€ (about $2,372 USD)

Lot 159: Kingdom of Castille and LeonEnrique IV (1454-1474). Real de busto. Coruña. (Bautista-896 var). Obv.: ENRICVS QVARTVS DEI GRACIA. crowned bust wearing richly decorated mantle with scallop shell on breast. Rev.: ENRICVS REX CASTELLE ELEGIO. Quartered arms within tressure of arches, scallop shell high on cross. Ag. 2.91 g.

The only specimen known. Choice VF.

  • Starting Price: 10,000€ (about $11,858 USD)

Lot 233: Ferdinand VI (1746-1759). 8 escudos. 1747. México. MF. (Cal 2008-33). (Cal onza-596). (Tauler-596). Au. 26.98 g.

“Dog face” type. Minor adjustment marks. Beautiful. Of the highest rarity. Slabbed by NGC as AU 53.

  • Starting Price: 12,000€ (about $14,230 USD)

Lot 22: Thessaly. Larissa. Stater. 356-342 BCE. (BCD Thessaly II 308). (HGC 4, 409). (L-S Type 2, Series A, dies O2/R2). Obv.: Head of the nymph Larissa facing slightly left, hair in ampyx, wearing single-pendant earring and necklace. Rev.: Bridled horse prancing right; ΛAPI-Σ-AIΩN around. 12.29 g.

Struck from dies of lovely style. Ex Numismatica Ars Classica 106 (May 9, 2018), lot 1190. AU.

  • Starting Price: 3,000€ (about $3,557 USD)

Lot 91: Caligula (Gaius) and Agrippina. Aureus. 40 CE. Lugdunum. (Ric-21). (Cal-327). (Ch-5). Obv.: AGRIPPINA MAT C CAES AVG GERM. Draped bust of Agrippina Senior right, good portraiture full legends. Rev.: C CAESAR AVG PON M TR POT III COS III. Laureate head of Caligula right. Au. 7.63 g.

Very well-centered struck. Very rare. Choice VF

  • Starting Price: 10,000€ (about $11,858 USD)

Lot 29: Ptolemaic Kings of Egypt. Arsinoe II. Gold octodrachm. 253-246 BCE. Alexandria. (Svoronos-460). (Sng Cop-134). Anv.: Diademed and veiled head of the deified Arsinoe II to right, behind Q. Rev.: ΦIΛAΔEΛΦOY – APΣINOHΣ. Double cornucopiae filled with fruit and bound with fillets. Au. 27.78 g.

Struck under Ptolemy II. Wonderful specimen. Very rare. XF.

  • Starting Price: 7,000€ (about $8,301 USD)

Lot 122: Diocletian. Aureus. 294 CE. Nicomedia. (Cal-4494). (Ric-5a). Obv.: DIOCLETIANVS P F AVG. Laureate bust right. Rev.: IOVI CONSERVATORI. Jupiter standing left, with thunderbolt and spear, in exergue SNM. Au. 5.46 g.

Rarely encountered this well struck, truly exceptional. Almost UNC/UNC.

  • Starting Price: 6,500€ (about $7,708 USD)

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