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Why People Come to Texas Numismatic Association Coin Convention. VIDEO: 4:01

tna_flagMichael Boyer, Vic Bozarth, Michael Grant, Leo Frese, Carl Schwenker, Richie Self, Gene Wheeler, Debbie Williams, & Jessie Zhang
Interviewer: David Lisot ………

The TNA has been hosting coin conventions for 55 years. Folks come for a lot of reasons especially just to come to the great state of Texas.

Hear from the dealers at the convention share why coming to the Texas Numismatic Association Convention is so special.



New TNA President Talks About Plans for the Organization

Debbie Williams, TNA President-Elect
Interviewer: David Lisot……..

The Texas Numismatic Association is on of the oldest and largest coin collector organizations in Texas. Newly elected TNA president Debbie Williams talks about her plans to continue the educational outreach of the club as well as past accomplishments of the previous administration. She shares the benefits of membership and anybody would want to become a TNA member.



TNA Show Chairman Talks About 2013 Convention. VIDEO: 1:49

Doug Davis, TNA Show Promoter
Interviewer: David Lisot…….

A lot of factors are involved in promoting a coin show. Doug Davis is involved with several coin shows and shares what is special about the Texas Numismatic Association convention.



Michael Grant Reflects on His TNA Presidency. VIDEO: 4:12

Michael Grant, Former President, Texas Numismatic Association
Interviewer: David Lisot…..

Michael Grant has been president of the TNA for two terms. During that time he has brought stability to the organization. He shares his perspective of what he accomplished during his tenure and president and the services TNA offers to collectors making it one of the country’s leading nonprofit coin collector organizations.



Exhibiting at the Texas Numismatic Association. VIDEO: 2:05

Ralph Ross, Ph.D. TNA Exhibits Chairman
Interviewer: David Lisot………

When a coin convention is held one of the best ways to educate people about coin collecting is to have exhibits of different collections on display. Ralph is the chairman for the Texas Numismatic Association Coin and Currency Show. He talks about what it takes to become a coin show exhibitor.


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55th annual Texas Numismatic Association Convention Coin and Currency Show
Fort Worth, Texas

The 55th annual Texas Numismatic Association Convention Coin and Currency Show was held in Fort Worth, Texas at the Will Rogers Memorial Center.

TNA was founded in 1960 and is the largest coin club in the state. Each year they sponsor a coin convention that brings collectors and dealers from all over the country to buy, sell, and trade.

This year’s convention was one of the largest in recent times featuring more than 200 dealer booths.

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