The 2021 Chinese Silver Pandas are Now Available from JM Bullion

The 2021 release of Chinese Silver Pandas comes at a time when silver demand is sky-high. That increased demand, along with an all-new design, means it is likely that the available 2021 Silver Pandas are going to move quickly this year. To top it all off, the Chinese Mint issued a maximum mintage of only 10 million silver coins for the new 2021 design. Our blog post this week focuses on the details of the new design and the available choices that go beyond the traditional Brilliant Uncirculated coins.

Another All-New Obverse, Traditional Reverse

In the 37th year of availability for the Silver Panda Series, the 2021 30 Gram Chinese Silver Panda comes with a new design once again. The obverse side of 2021 Silver Panda Coins depicts a mother-cub combo. The young panda cub is shown climbing the trunk of a small tree. The mother panda is nearby, standing on her hind legs with her front paws raised up. While she balances against the trunk with one paw, she extends the other behind her cub offering support as it explores its independence and climbs the tree. The coins have inscriptions of the weight, metal content, purity, and face value in Yuan on this side.

As always, the traditional reverse design element remains unchanged on the reverse of 2021 30 Gram Chinese Silver Panda Coins. The design on this side has been in use since 1983 when the first coins were released. It features the exterior façade of the Hall of Prayer for Abundant Harvests, with a particular focus on the stairs leading to the main entrance of the hall. The building is part of the Temple of Heaven Complex in Beijing that was constructed between 1406 and 1420 by the Ming Dynasty. The inscriptions on this face of the coin include the nation of the issue in Mandarin text and the date mark in Arabic numerals.

Details of the BU Release

As mentioned in the introduction, the Chinese Mint has capped production of the 2021 30 Gram Silver Panda at just 10 million units in total for the year. The Brilliant Uncirculated coins are available to purchase individually with plastic capsules, with multiples of 15 and 450 in unique packaging. You will receive multiples of 15 in trays and multiples of 450 in a Monster Box. Although the Chinese Mint rarely issues proof versions of the Chinese Silver Panda, you do have other options available when buying the 2021 Silver Panda design.

Alternatives to the BU Silver Coins

There are three alternatives for buyers looking to get the 2021 30 Gram Chinese Silver Panda. Each one of these alternative options consists of a BU specimen that has either been colorized or gilded after coining by the Chinese Mint. In all three cases, the alternatives have limited availability, with the lowest availability being the Day and Night Two-Coin Set. In total, your alternative options include:

  • Colorized Silver Panda: The 2021 Colorized Silver Panda delivers black-and-white colorization on the fur of the pandas in the design, with a rich, brown tree trunk and lush, green leaves. The background field includes a bright-yellow sun with hazy-white clouds moving in front of the mountains in the distance.
  • Gilded Silver Panda: For the 2021 Gilded Silver Panda, the obverse design element has a brilliant blast of 24-karat gold included in the design. Both the mother panda and her young cub are covered in a thin layer of 24-karat gold in this design, adding a unique visual contrast between the silver coin and the gold design element.
  • Day and Night Set: The 2021 Day and Night 2-Coin Set offer two 30 gram colorized silver coins. The daytime coin has the design features and colorizations mentioned above in the Colorized Silver Panda. Conversely, the nighttime coin has different colorization in the background to capture the scene after dusk. Gone is the bright-yellow sun, with a white moon in the sky above. The blue sky and hazy clouds of the daytime coin have been replaced by hues of black and purple as dusk fades to the dark of night.

History of the Chinese Silver Panda

Chinese Silver Pandas have been available from the Chinese Mint since 1983, but the series has only offered a steady Brilliant Uncirculated version since 1989. The coins issued from 1983 to 1985 were proof quality, 27 Gram silver coins with a purity level of .900 silver. No coins were issued in 1986 or 1988. The 1987 coin was once again a proof specimen, but this time offered 1 Troy oz of sterling silver content or .925 silver. In 1989, a 1 Troy oz .999 pure silver BU coin was finally made available. From 1989 to 1999, the BU coin was issued along with a proof version. Since 2000, no proofs have been struck as annual options. In 2016, the Chinese Mint abandoned the 1 Troy oz weight in favor of Metric weights with a noted weight of 30 Grams.

Purchasing 2021 Silver Pandas with JM Bullion

2021 30 Gram Chinese Silver Pandas are already on sale at JM Bullion and the popularity of the series is sure to result in a sellout. Before the coins are gone, be sure to grab yours! JM Bullion customer service can assist you with any questions at 800-276-6508, online through our live chat, and using our email address. Don’t forget to read our weekly blog posts and follow us on Facebook for more information.

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