The Coinage of the Anglo-Hannoverian Personal Union 1714 – 1837 by Richard Smith

book_anglo_hanoverianThis new work by Richard Smith is the first comprehensive review of the Anglo Hannoverian Regal coinage since Welter and will become an essential reference book for all those interested in this area of numismatics.

It is divided into two parts; the first deals with how the succession of the Brunswick-Luneburg Electors to the British Throne came about, their place on the world’s stage, their titles and the main characteristics of the design of their coinage. An insight into the lives of these monarchs is given with a brief review of the history of this period. The structure of the British and Hannoverian coinages are compared and described. The results of significant surveys are published for the first time giving an insight into the rarity of these coins.

The second section lists ALL the coins issued during the period 1714-1837. Every major type is illustrated and each year for that type is listed, sub-types are similarly treated and many coins and varieties are described for the first time: This book will be of interest to collectors of German and British coins: French (Westphalian) coins, mining tokens and historical medals.

Extensively and lavishly illustrated this book deals comprehensively with Hannoverian Regal Coinage during the ‘Golden Age’ of British history.

Osnabruck October 2009, A4, pp. 659, illustrations throughout, casebound.

ISBN 978-3-941357-01-03

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