The East India Company Video


The East India Company was the worlds first multinational company, dominating world trade for centuries. Their merchants traded fabrics, spices, tea coffee and crafts, bought distant ports closer and help blend and introduce distant cultures. The company developed administrative systems, signed treaties, fought wars with kingdoms and set up an empire far larger than the small island from which it came.

The East India Company

Four centuries ago ships set sail in search of spices with little but a charter from Queen Elizabeth I. Explorers and pioneers – they took risks, broke new ground and sometimes made mistakes. Without The East India Company, our world would not be what it is today. It changed the world’s tastes, its thinking, and its people, created new communities, shaped commerce, cities, and countries. The East India Company journey continues as a multi-faceted business trading once again in the commodities of by-gone days, learning from the past, to embrace a more tolerant and harmonious future.

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