The Rebel and the Rose: James A. Semple, Julia Gardiner Tyler, and the Lost Confederate Gold

By Wesley Millett and Gerald White

The Rebel and the Rose has been nominated for the Jefferson Davis Award by the Museum of the Confederacy for outstanding narrative works. According to Museum director John Coski, the purpose of the award is to “stimulate continued interest in scholarly research and serious writing about one of the most important periods in American History.”

“This may be the most colorful and adventurous story of the great Civil War era, and it is brought to life for the first time by two new authors and dedicated researchers, Wesley Millett and Gerald White. Everything is here: war, gold, illicit love, mysterious romance, and all with meticulous documentation. Rarely does a book come along that adds to the vast body of knowledge on the war. I am pleased to say that The Rebel and the Rose joins the works of authors committed to correcting long-accepted statements that are incomplete, misleading, or simply untrue. More than that, Millett and White bring to light for the first time details about events that have eluded writers since the war ended.”

— Doug Wead, author of the New York Times bestseller All the Presidents’ Children

More information on the book is available Here

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