The Smallest Royal 1/2 Real of Philip V – Latin American Coin Preview From Tauler and Fau

Finest 1/2 Real of Philip V by Tauler and Fau ……

Today we introduce you to an extremely rare 1/2 real of Philip V, a “Royal Type” from the México Mint that will be auctioned in our Floor Auction 50 on February 5, 2020 in Gran Meliá Fénix Hotel in Madrid. We are facing the best specimen known, with a magnificent presentation struck. It is a unique opportunity for collectors.

Philip V (1700-1746). 1/2 real. 1714. México. Images courtesy Tauler and Fau Auction

Philip V (1700-1746). 1/2 real. 1714. México. J. (Cal 2008-no cita). (Cal 2019-no cita). (Km). Ag. 1,78 g. Royal type. Holed. The best of only two specimens known. Of the highest rarity. Almost XF. Estimated: 2,000.00.

The”Royal” 1/2 Real of Philip V

The “special round minting”, also known as “presentation”, or “royal” in the American continent, are hammered coins. They were carved with exquisite taste and refinement, where all the coin’s design elements remain readable, and, presumably, only a few pieces were minted, which is why the die was preserved in an excellent condition, free from wear and tear. The fineness of the metal and its weight were also guaranteed. In the 18th century the mint from Mexico was the most prolific for this type of coin, minting “round” pieces in all values and metals.

The piece we are proud to present you, a 1/2 real from Mexico dated 1714, may be the piece with a lower value among the ones of a special series; it is also the second known of this date. The other piece was auctioned in May 2018, reaching the hammer price of $1,600 USD, even if its condition was worse and had two holes. In any case, this piece offered by Tauler & Fau will doubtlessly delight those collecting “special” and rare coins.

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