This Week on eBay – Select Modern Coin Rarities, Oddities, and Condition Census Pieces

eBay Modern Coin Selections - November 6, 2017

Today’s eBay highlights run the gamut. We reviewed thousands of modern coin listings to compile a list of our favorite lots. We chose high-end Ike dollars, rare modern coin off-metal errors, coins that are literally perfect, and a perennial favorite U.S. gold issue.

Up first is a 1971-P Eisenhower dollar in PCGS MS66. Clad Eisenhower dollars do not come nice, especially not the first two Philly issues. This piece is a bargain at current price levels and something a collector looking to put together a gem or better Ike dollar set should strongly consider as an upgrade or a good starting point. The coin is one of three beautiful Ike dollars that we feature this week, including this slightly off-center 1976-D Type 2 that was graded MS67 by NGC (CAC Approved).

Off-metal strikes in transition years always excite collectors. We found two that should interest any serious modern coin collector. The first is a 1971-D Kennedy half dollar struck in .40 silver. This amazing error is significantly undervalued in today’s market. The second coin is a 1983-D cent in copper, which is one of two known.

Wrapping up our list is a toned modern commemorative, a fully original Ultra High Relief gold coin, and a rare signature insert from PCGS signed by Gerald Ford (oh yeah, there’s a gold $50 Proof American Eagle in the holder).

* * *

To see all of the highlights and read our editor’s commentary, click here.

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