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Tom Coulson Becomes New Owner Of Liberty Coin Service


At the beginning of 2015, Tom Coulson, a 29-year veteran who rose to be a manager and senior numismatist, has become the new owner of Liberty Coin Service in Lansing, Michigan.  Patrick A. Heller, who became an owner of the company in 1981 and sole owner in 1995, will continue to work for Liberty for five years as communications officer and owner emeritus.

Said Coulson, “When I started doing casual tasks at Liberty in 1983 while I was still in junior high school, it never occurred to me that this would become my career.  I left in 1996 to become a certified public accountant, but found that I really enjoyed serving collector and precious metals customers even more.  So, I came back to Liberty three years later.  I have a high regard for the active pro-customer attitude that Pat instilled in the staff.  This emphasis on serving our customers with fast, friendly, expert service and competitive buy and sell prices have driven the company’s growth.  It is also what attracted me to becoming Pat’s successor.”

Added Heller, “Liberty has a deep staff of veteran high-caliber experts.  There are three people here who I would have trusted to competently run the company and to continue to serve customers with our high standards.  Unfortunately, the other two were too close to me in age to benefit from owning the company.  While they will continue to work for Liberty for years to come, they are being rewarded for helping build Liberty over the years.”

Frequently honored Liberty Coin Service, established in 1971, is Michigan’s largest rare coin and precious metals dealership.  It is one of only five coin dealerships worldwide that has four or more staff who are members of the elite Professional Numismatists Guild.  Former owner Patrick A. Heller was honored by the American Numismatic Association as the 2012 George Foreman National Coin Dealer of the Year.  Liberty Coin Service has been located in the Frandor Shopping Center in Lansing since 1975.


Patrick A Heller
Patrick A Heller
Patrick A. Heller was honored with the American Numismatic Association’s 2012 Harry J. Forman Numismatic Dealer of the Year Award. He owns Liberty Coin Service in Lansing, Michigan and writes Liberty’s Outlook, a monthly newsletter on rare coins and precious metals subjects. His award-winning radio show “Things You ‘Know’ That Just Aren’t So, And Important News You Need To Know” can be heard at 8:45 AM Wednesday and Friday mornings on 1320-AM WILS in Lansing (which streams live and becomes part of the audio and text archives posted at http://www.1320wils.com). He is also the financier and executive producer of the movie “Alongside Night”.

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